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Wife can go down to Child Support Office and cancel request. However, does it matter? The money is going back into your household for your child.


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If you're separated (living apart), then you can petition the court for a order of temporary child support.

estranged means separated from the spouse [no longer living with the spoue] separated means staying apart [neither living together nor connected] divorced means offcial ending of marriage by the court of law

separated means they are still married, but acting like the are divorced......(not living together, etc.) divorced means they are no longer married

No, the Curtis' Brothers did not get separated because the judge saw that Darry works very hard for a living and let them stay together

One reason would be if they had been legally separated and living apart at some point.One reason would be if they had been legally separated and living apart at some point.One reason would be if they had been legally separated and living apart at some point.One reason would be if they had been legally separated and living apart at some point.

You can't marry again, and it effects how you do your taxes

Yes, whether separated or living together, married couples do not have to file joint returns. You check the appropriate box on your return that designates your filing status.

Legally separated means that you are no longer living together as man and wife, but you are not yet divorced.

Yes. Either spouse, even if living together, can file a separate bankruptcy.

No because they are a family and they re strong when there together and pony boy loves living with soda and Darry

in Australia you're eligible for child support if you're separated, which is defined as 'not living together in a genuine domestic relationship'. so you could even be separated under the same roof. whether you are, or have been married, doesn't come into it. i understand that in the US child support is a state, rather than federal, matter, so if you're in the US you'd need to contact the relevant state authority.

These are two different processes. But generally it does mean you're no longer living in the home. see links

He could very well be arrested as he has failed to pay the support money, he shold pay then have a wife and child.

apples separated from a tree is not living, because it can not grow without a root. ..

No, George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush are still living comfortably together.

In a previous question asking whether Mindi and Jason were divorced, someone from her camp replied, "No, they are still together." Representatives have failed to respond to questions of whether they are separated.

In the law it is. if you are only physically separated (meaning you are simply living apart from your spouse and not legally separated), then any adultery at this point will most likely have an effect on how the financial issues in your divorce are decided. Finally, if you are still married, your spouse can file for a divorce on the ground of adultery whether you are legally separated or not.

If they are legally separated on the last day of the tax year, then yes. Otherwise, no.

Yes, but unless the living arrangements are noted in the separation agreement and have been approved by the court, the separation decree will not be valid.

Yes, there are no laws in Indiana that state couples cannot be living together when they file for a divorce. There is also no time limit of being separated before you file for a divorce.

Yes it can be done, as the spouse is living in Italy for over a year, and is separated, the divorce can go through.

It depends on who the inheritance was declared to. If you're no longer living together then I would say no, but you should talk to a lawyer if this person is giving you trouble about it.

up to you and your husband assuming your not separated, if you were living apart probably shouldn't.

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