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It is in the best interest of your child for you to pay child support. If the child is still living in Mexico and the mother has a court order, you need to pay support. If there is no court order, you are not legally obligated to pay support.

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Q: Do you have to pay child support to a child that was born in Mexico and now the mother wants child support?
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If a 13 yrs old child wants to move out of mother home does the father still has to pay child support?

If a 13 yrs old child wants to move out of mother home does the father still has to pay child support

If your 17 yr old wants to live with her dad does he still have to pay child support to mother?

what if your 17 year old that is living with her mother,wants to live with her dad,would he still have to pay mother child support

The mother of your child wants child support and filed for no visitation rights for you?

see links below

Can support stop or be reduced if the child does not want anything to do with father because this is what mother wants?

No. Support and visitation are separate issues.

In the state of Georgia if father of the child wants all rights terminated is he still liable for child support?

Yes. see linksAns 2.The father has the option to waive his rights if he wants to, and if he can convince the judge that he is sane, sober and not under coercion as he does so.This has nothing at all to do with child support, which is not his right, but his responsibility. In general the mother can't waive child support either, because support is her child's right, not hers.THAT IS CORRECT.....unless the child's mother has re-married and her husband wants to adopt this child, that would release the biological father from paying child support.

If a non married father wants to put the child up for adoption but the mother wants to keep it does the father have to pay child support?

Single fathers have no assumed legal rights to the child, so he can't do anything except pay child support.

The father has sole custody but wants to give custody back to the mother of a very unruly child who wants to live with his mother anyway How can he do this without her come after him for child support?

The only way would be to do a personal agreement between the mother & father, ideally having it filed with the court. However, at any time, either parent can utilize Child Support without the other parent's consent. If the Mother spends more time with the child than the Father, she is most likely entitled to child support.

Does the father of a child have to pay child support if he is not married to the mother and wants no custodial rights?

Yes,the dead beat is expected to pay up.

Is there a case if a mother has lied for 7 years who the identity of the father is and now wants to know and wants money for that child?

If the child is not yet of age/emancipated, child support could be ordered once paternity is established.

If Father wants to keep his 3 year old daughter overnight does he have a right to do this if the mother does not agree. He does not support his child financially.?

He is the father and not to allow him his child would hurt the child. Take him to family court for the support.

If the father has full custody and the mother wants to give up her rights does she still have to pay child support?

Yes, until/unless the child is adopted.

If there was a court order for child support and then the mother stopped it can now wants to start it up again can she?

absolutely, with the court's permission

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