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Do you have to pay for the movies on xbox live?


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You rent the movies on Xbox live.

However, if you have a sky account. You can download the sky player which will allow you to watch many movies on demand.

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No, but you do need Xbox live gold.

You do have to pay for xbox live.

Silver does not have xbox live. It is free; but no xbox live!

Yes you must pay for it. Xbox Live is not free like the PlayStation network

Yes, you have to pay for Xbox Live for any game

you have to pay 8 bucks a month for xbox live

No, Because Microsoft tracks your Xbox Live Account. So you have to pay for Xbox Live whether with a game card or if you pre-pay.

Yes you can either disc movies or you can buy movies from the Xbox live store or you can get an app on Xbox like Netflix but those three work.

You cant get xbox live for free anywhere you have to pay a certain amount for what ever amount of months you want to pay for.

you can pay online, got to

DVD movies or the zune marketplace movies no. But netflix yes you do.

You have to purchase a laptop aadapter for free. When you have the adapter you can connect to Xbox live but you have to pay for a Xbox live subscription. However you do get a free subscription.

Of course you do! You can buy cards with a code on them to play live.

Silver is free on Xbox Live - You have to pay for Gold. See related links for link to Xbox Live Signup.

If someone uses the free month of Xbox Live (when joining Xbox Live for the first time) he or she does NOT have to pay for Xbox Live, however, if he or she wants to continue to use their services, they have to either put a credit card, prepaid Xbox Live subscription card etc., if they wish to continue using Xbox Live.

You have to pay for xbox live.

Either way you connect your Xbox to the internet, you will still need to pay.

I think you do have to pay for the xbox live, however it will need to be by credit card on the official xbox site. but i do think that the codes are interchangable between original and 360. however you cannot directly use a xbox live 360 code on the original xbox, you will need to redeem it on the xbox 360.

£32 if you pay for the full year

yes,but you have to pay for it

Because it is superior to psn.

No. Once you own the console, it is free to play. But if you want to connect to xbox live, then you have to pay a subscription fee.

Depends on whether it's Xbox live or not. You can make one free that doesn't, have Xbox live

you never have to pay for an xbox live account but if you want gold account you have to pay per account the best way to do it is the pre paid cards the sometimes go 13 months for $30 the standard price is $50 through xbox

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