Do you have to pay for title insurance again when refinancing?

Yes. You have to buy a lender's title policy for the new lender. Your owner's title policy is good for as long you own the home. If you have an owner's policy, you can very often get a "reissue credit" on any future lenders title policies that you may be required to buy when you refinance.

The Mortgage Policy is only good for the life of the loan. If the current loan is paid off, the policy is no longer needed on the CURRENT loan being paid off.

However, the new lender will require a Mortgage Policy on the new loan.

The ONLY time you may not be required to get new title insurance would be if the current mortgage loan was re-written by the lender, changing terms, interest rates but not the loan amount.

Don't confuse this with a Streamline loan offered by your current lender offering a new interest rate on a new loan, but with low cost closing fees.