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Oh I feel so sorry for you. What you do is you don't pay the rent and explain. You should stay at a family members house or a friends until you get settled down. If you don't pay the rent owed under a lease or rental, for whatever reason, you can be evicted, lose your deposit, and be sued for the remaining unpaid rent and for damage to the apartment. However, if the damaged apartment was unfit for human habitation, or the damages were already covered by insurance to the landlord, you may not have to pay that portion. For any diminished use of the apartment because of unrepaired damage, you might be lucky to receive a small abatement. So, if you're going to withhold rent, you should continue to make the payments into a savings account (or otherwise keep it available) so you can make the back payments that the court orders you to.

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Q: Do you have to pay rent if your apartment was damaged by fire and wasn't repaired for 7 months?
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