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No. It is considered a refund of overpaid federal tax, which is never taaxable. The Stimulus Check will be considered as income when filing your 2007 federal tax return. If you will remember in years past when the IRS has issued these types of "rebates", the following year, they were added back into your income for tax purposes. The purpose of the checks were to boost the economy and you need to remember that the federal government does not give away billons for "free". It was definitely not a refund on your taxes. Sharon

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Q: Do you have to pay taxes on the stimulus check?
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Do we Pay taxes on stimulus check?


If you filled your taxes after April 15th will still get a stimulus check?

Pretty sure the only requirement to get the stimulus check is you have to file taxes for last year 2007.

If I paid taxes and didn't get a refund will I get a stimulus check?

As far as I can tell, the stimulus check is more about the taxes you paid. The amount you would get is calculated on the amount of income and taxes you paid.

How should you apply for stimulus check now?

Use the below link at for some information

Do you have to pay taxes on the 2008 stimulus tax rebate checks?

No, the rebate check is an advance payment of a 2008 tax credit. The money is actually a portion of the refund or payment applied to the taxes you will file in 2009. Therefore as it is a refund check it is not taxable income.

Will I get a stimulus check if I filled my taxes after April 15th?

Yes - delayed

If you owe student loans will you get a stimulus check?

Regarding the new 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill sign into law March 11 2021: if your parents don't claim you as a dependent and you file 2019 or 2020 taxes, you should be eligible to get a stimulus check.

If your chapter 13 is paying your back Taxes will I get the stimulus rebate?

And you will pay it to the trustee.

What if you owe taxes for another year besides 2007 will it come out of your stimulus check?

Yes it will. The IRS will ALWAYS pay themselves first!! If you owe 200 from 1991 they will take it!!

Do you pay taxes on an unemployment check?

yes by choice from each check or you can choose to pay them at the end of the year when you file your taxes

When will ssi recipients get a stimulus check?

When will ssi recipients receive stimulus payments

You just got a letter saying that you owe from 2004 Will you get a rebate check?

Probably not, or not the entire amount. Stimulus payments will be kept to pay overdue taxes and other debts to the government.

Do you have to pay back the 250 stimulus check?

No. It will tell you all about the 250 stimulus check on a brochure that SS sent to all SS receipients.

If you owe IRS and back child support do yo get the rebate check?

If I owe back child support money, will the IRS hold my refund or delay my refund? Yes. The Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS) might delay or offset your refund to pay your debt. For child support tax refund concerns, contact your debt agency to determine if it submitted your tax debt for a tax refund debt offset.

Will there be a 2012 stimulus check fo ssi and social security?

so there will be a stimulus check comming out in 2013 for the year of 2012. when should this be in the mail.

Why should loyalists pay taxes?

Sence everyone that gets a pay check pays taxes you should to. You call urself a loyalist, but you are asking why you should pay taxes? You dont sound to loyal to me. I hate paying taxes too but still got no choice. So pay them or work under the tabel get money any why you want, but if you get a pay check then your paying taxes.

When the second stimulus checks be mailed out?

No such thing

Will you have to pay back the stimulus tax rebate?

"no its a gift from the government and not taxed. YET LOL" THIS IS NOT TRUE. We had our taxes done yesterday, and the stimulus amount was deducted from our return total. You DO have to pay it back. It was a LOAN.

Can you pay taxes with a check?

Of course, but it better be a good check.

Why do retired military get a check from your taxes?

They do NOT get a refund from any ones taxes. They only get a refund check from their own taxes if they have over paid their income tax liability for the year.

What is the primary purpose of a pay slip?

A pay slip is the paper that is usually attached to a person's pay check. It shows the earnings and taxes taken out of the pay check. It also shows earnings and taxes taken out year-to-date.

Do yu have to file taxes if you make less than 1200.00?

if u make less than 1200 a year no you dont have to file taxes

Do we pay taxes on 250.00 social security stimulus check?

Not taxable. But the 250 economic recovery rebate amount that you received in the year 2009 from the SSA is reported on the schedule M of the 1040 income tax return.

If you filed your taxes in April when will you get your stimulus check?

Unless you are receiving Social Security or Veterans Disability benefits, you will not be receiving a separate stimulus check this year. If you did not receive the maximum stimulus last year and are eligible for more based on your 2008 return, that amount was already included in your refund check or used to reduce the tax due. The Making Work Pay credit will be credited to you when you file your 2009 return and 2009 withholding rates have been reduced to account for this.

Are the people of Ohio going to receive a stimulus check?

No one will receive a stimulus check. You will only a notice an increase in pay. The average wage earner will see a $13 a week increase.

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