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Perhaps, the judge has descretion in whether to add court costs and other fees to a judgment or not.

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Q: Do you have to pay the court cost on a judgment?
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Judgment againts your wife for 40.000 she will not pay as odered by the court what can you do?

I am not a lawyer but, if your wife has been ordered by the court to pay up, she has to pay up. If she fails to pay, start by contacting the clerk of courts and tell them the situation. It won't cost you any money assuming she truly has a judgment against her.

How do you pay off a court judgment from a credit card company - pay the court or the lawyer for the creditor or the creditor directly?

You pay the organization/creditor to whom the judgment was granted.

How can you prevent a judgment?

Win in court or pay the debt.

What do you do when a judgment is served on you?

You either pay or appeal. If there is really a judgment then you have already lost the court case.

What is a ccj check used for exactly?

A CCJ stands for county court judgement. This county court judgment is an order from a court for you to pay an amount of money. Generally, this judgment will be registered with the court registrar.

What can be done to you if you have a judgment against you?

If there is a judgment against you, the best thing to do is to pay. It will remain on your record indefinitely if you do not. You can argue the judgment in court, but once a judgment is entered it will likely not be reversed.

If you pay a speeding ticket before your court date do you still have to pay the court cost?


How do you write a petition to the court to unsuspend your license for a judgment you have to pay?

by being funny

What exactly is a judgment against you?

Someone has sued you in court and won. The court will issue a judgment lien that the person can use to seize any of your property to pay the amount due.

Can they seize your property in a different state from were the judgment was made?

For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.For a state court judgment, no.

How long does a person have in small claims court to pay the judgment for the plaintiff?


What happens if I am trying to pay a judgment against me but the other party isn't responding?

If this is a court ordered judgment and the other party is not cooperating, then they are not being compliant with the court's order, which puts them in the status of being in contempt of court. Notify, the court that ordered the judgment in writing, or by filing a motion, that you are attempting to follow the judgment but the other party is refusing to communicate with you.

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