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Do you have to pay to adopt at the humane society?


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Yes, but it's is a small price compared to getting a dog from a breeder. Usuallt for dogs it's between $60 and $70 and for cats between $40 and $60. Puppies and kittens are usually slightly more expensive because of the higher demand for them. Senior animals are sold for less to help more of them to get adopted.


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The humane society is good to have because they offer a chance for homeless animals to be adopted into a loving family. People should adopt from humane societies because when you adopt, you save a life.

You can adopt an animal at a number of locations including Pet Smart stores, animal shelter and the Humane Society shelters.Go to the local humane shelter and adopt one there :)

The place is called a Humane- Society. Or a dog shelter.

all humane society prices are the same...75 dollars which includes spay/neutering and 1 shots

I don't knoqw from KY but in the Oregon humane socienty is't $100

You bet you can. Contact your local Humane Society or nearest SPCA (Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals).

It is to help abondoned/injured animals. They give the animals care, food, water, and shelter. The Humane Society also lets you adopt animals as pets.

Check with your local Humane society or Animal shelter, possibly craigslist also.

Send them to a local humane society, or have someone adopt them. Please do not abandon them, they might die if you do.

An interested, caring, and responsible family can adopt a Norwich Terrier, a popular breed of dog, from any local humane society or pet rescue center.

The Humane Society of the United States started in 1954.

There is not a humane society on horseisle 1. krei

Humane Society of Indianapolis was created in 1905.

Hawaiian Humane Society was created in 1883.

Michigan Humane Society was created in 1877.

Toronto Humane Society was created in 1887.

Royal Humane Society was created in 1774.

Massachusetts Humane Society was created in 1786.

Ottawa Humane Society was created in 1888.

It cost around 200 and high Usually you pay a fee for the shots, spaying or neutering, and the animal is yours. This can vary from 25 dollars up to about 250, depending on the society.

The Colorado Humane Society was organized in 1881.

There are few requirements to be able to adopt a puppy, or a dog of any age, from the Humane Society. They will judge your character and make sure you are a good fit for the dog by seeing how you interact. You should have a cage ready to take the dog home. The Humane Society wants the dogs to find homes, so the process isn't made too hard.

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