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Do you have to pray to be a Christian?



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You do not have to pray to be a Christian. you can if you would like but it is not required. Being Christian only means that you believe in Jesus Christ! * I disagree. Being a Christian, is having a relationship with Christ. And, as you know, in order to have a relationship with someone, you must talk to them. Say you know this guy named Phil. You talk to Phil, email him, call him, ect. Wouldnt you say you have a relationship with Phil? In order to have a relationship with God, you need to talk to him. It doesnt have to be, "Oh, dear Heavenly Father, you are so great, all glory goes to you. Ohhh mmyyy gooooddnnesss you are sooooo wonderful and i am not....". NO! It could be, more like, "God, who are you? I want to know you. Please show me who you are.", or ,"God, I pray for (so and so) to come to know you, or, to stop drinking, or that their leg will heal, ect." It doesnt have to be all about him all the time. You can pray for a friend, yourself, family needs, and you can pray for other people. Dont abuse prayer though, and dont pray selfishly. Being a christian could mean many more things, not just believing in Jesus Christ, but also knowing him, having a relationship with him, sharing his Word, and who he is, praying, learning about him, and ministry. To the person who answered above, you may want to look to God on that one, and may want to do a little soal searching.