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You do not have to pray to be a Christian. you can if you would like but it is not required. Being Christian only means that you believe in Jesus Christ! * I disagree. Being a Christian, is having a relationship with Christ. And, as you know, in order to have a relationship with someone, you must talk to them. Say you know this guy named Phil. You talk to Phil, email him, call him, ect. Wouldnt you say you have a relationship with Phil? In order to have a relationship with God, you need to talk to him. It doesnt have to be, "Oh, dear Heavenly Father, you are so great, all glory goes to you. Ohhh mmyyy gooooddnnesss you are sooooo wonderful and i am not....". NO! It could be, more like, "God, who are you? I want to know you. Please show me who you are.", or ,"God, I pray for (so and so) to come to know you, or, to stop drinking, or that their leg will heal, ect." It doesnt have to be all about him all the time. You can pray for a friend, yourself, family needs, and you can pray for other people. Dont abuse prayer though, and dont pray selfishly. Being a christian could mean many more things, not just believing in Jesus Christ, but also knowing him, having a relationship with him, sharing his Word, and who he is, praying, learning about him, and ministry. To the person who answered above, you may want to look to God on that one, and may want to do a little soal searching.

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Do you pray before bedtime?

If you are Christian, you pray before bedtime. If you are Jewish, you do not pray at all.

How do Christians communicate to god?

Christians communicate to God in one way- by praying. When you pray, you are talking to the Lord. But, you don't have to be a Christian to pray. You should always pray- Christian, or not.

How many time Christian pray?

Christians can pray whenever and wherever they want. There is no set time or number of times to pray

Who do Christian people pray to?

I am a main stream Christian and Pray to the God of the Holy Christian Bible. Specifically to God the Father, that is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I end my prayer in Jesus's Name as it was He who has given me the authority to pray to God the father and this was by His death and resurrection.

Where do Christian's pray?

Normally in a Chaple, Church or Cathedral but a Christian can pray anywhere they choose too.

How chistians and jehova witnesses pray together?

The christian would pray for the Jehovah witness to be saved.

Does christian people kneel on a hammock when they pray in church?


What a Christian will do in a church?

Preach, pray, sing, worship.

Is Kellie Pickler a Christian?

Yes she is. She has said before that she is a Christian. She has a tattoo on her wrist that says 'pray'.

How many times do Christian pray?

There is not a set number of times that a Christian must pray. Christians can freely pray (Prayer to Christians is not done in the same way as other religions; there is no ceremonial ritual that must be performed) whenever they want to.

Who do the copic Christians pray too?

Coptic Christians pray to the Christian God, or to Saints to intercede with God on their behalf.

How many christian people pray?

That's a hard question to answer. Essentially, all Christians are supposed to pray, but just like all the other religions, some people are more committed to their faith than others. Some Christians pray constantly. Other Christians don't pray as frequently. Do all Christian people pray? I believe so. Do all Christians pray all the time? No.

What is the lords pray for judaism?

The Lord's Prayer is Christian in origin.

Does Obama pray?

President Obama is a Christian. Yes, he prays.

How do you show respect to the christian church?

keep silent an pray

How many times a day do Italians pray?

The Muslim Italians pray 5 times a day like other Muslims every where. Christian Italians pray as Christians everywhere.

How do wiccans pray?

Wiccans don't neccesarily pray like the common christian does. Wiccans pray with spells, which to us are like prayers but for different reasons. We use a spell for specific things to "pray" for things we would like or things we need. In a sense a spell to us is a prayer for the common christian and any god fearing religion.

Is there a christian way to pray to The Angel of Death?

According to New Testament teachings, the only acceptable way to pray is to God the Father (Matthew 6:9) through (in the name of) Jesus (John 14:13, 14), so no...there is no Christian way to pray to the "angel of death."

Why have godparents?

They should be Christian, and should support the child in growing up as a Christian, and help them. The should pray for them, and be seen as family.

How many Christians pray?

A:none B:All Christians pray: it would be hard to consider yourself a Christian if you never prayed to God. Jesus taught us how to pray. See the related question below, "How did Christians pray?"

What should a christian do daily?

pray read their bibles and minster too others.

Is Lionel Richie singer a christian?

no he is not. but we will pray for him, and hopefully we can all dance on the ceiling with him.

What are the Hupa vocables for Down to the River to Pray and how did it become a Christian song?


What type of designs do Christian sweatshirts have?

Christian sweatshirt designs tend to have symbols related to the Christian faith. These include crosses and bibles. They are also available with Christian messages such as 'Pray Believe Receive'.

Is Adam Levine a christian?

No, Adam Levine is not a christian he says h*** f*** and s*** but I pray that God will touch Adam Levine.

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