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NO, there is a new type of shape to it. its much like a DS cartridge

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โˆ™ 2011-12-26 20:53:57
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Q: Do you have to put a disc inside a psp vita?
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Can you put PSp games in the PS vita?

You can't put PSP UMD games into a Vita, it has no UMD drive. Some PSP games can be downloaded from the Vita's PSN store.

Put a PSP games saved on a disc onto your PSP?

You need to flash your PSP first. Then you can use a computer to copy the game from your disc to your memorycard.

How do you put a PSP disc in the PSP?

Open the PSP's back cover, place the UMD into the slot, close the back cover.

Can you put a Sony PSP game into a PSP vita?

The PS Vita does not have a UMD slot so it can't play those. However if you've bought a PSP game on PSN, it can possibly be downloaded on PS Vita, you'd have to check to see if it is available, you might have to wait for it to be enabled.

How do play games on the psp?

Put the UMD in the disc holder then press UMD under Game then play! ----

Can you put a psp CD in a GameCube?

It will fit inside, yes, but absolutely will not do anything.

How do you put a PSP on?

how to put pictures on a psp????

How do you put music on a PlayStation 3?

you either import them off a disc or if you have a PSP you can get them off that or you can use a usb stick to import the songs

How do you Switch r4ds language?

You have to get the chip inside the R4 disc and put it into your computer. After you put it in, their should be a language setup.

How do you put pictures on a psp?

how to put pictures on a psp????

How do you put Internet on a PSP?

how do you put internet on a PSP?

How can you put a crack game in psp 3000?

As long as the UMD's casing isn't too badly cracked, the game should still work inside the PSP.

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