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Do you have to remove fingernail polish prior to surgery?


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I have had 5 surgeries and was told to take it off for all of them


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You have to be on a liquid diet prior to surgery to prepare your stomach for the upcoming gastric bypass surgery.

No, hand sanitizer will not remove nail polish. Hand sanitizer is made up of mostly alcohol, an ingredient that kills germs. Nail polish needs something strong such as acetone or an acetone alternative, like ethyl acetate to remove it. Alcohol, when used on a clean nail prior to polishing, actually makes the nail polish adhere better because it cleans the surface of the nail!

Sometimes it can be taken prior to surgery, but it depends on several factors. To find out if you should take your dose before you have surgery, you should ask the doctor.

This can depend on the surgery the horse is going to have, you should always ask your equine vet about feeding prior to surgery just to be sure.

Yes actually. Most of the time, some doctors prescribe this medication prior to surgery as a prophylactic from allergies and also to help the patient relax and stay calm when going into surgery.

flomax 2 weeks prior to procedure

The patient is not tested for HIV prior to surgery.

It will be a waste of time and money, you are required to remove all jewellery prior to surgery, no if's and's or but's about it, everything must be reomved. So wait till you are done with your surgery.

antibiotics may be given to the patient prior to the procedure; this is known as prophylactic antibiotic treatment. Patients are encouraged to eat prior to surgery

It depends on the purpose of the surgery and permission given prior to the surgery.

a low-residue diet for several days prior to surgery. A liquid diet may be ordered for at least the day before surgery, with nothing by mouth after midnight.

"Not everyone qualifies for wavefront surgery. Prior to any surgery, your optomologist will put you through screening to ensure you are a candidate for wavefront surgery."

I do believe surgery hastens dementia, especially in elderly who are already fragile and it may be that these patients have dementia prior to surgery and anaesthesia exacerbated the condition.

He was a British surgeon who spread the concept of sterilization prior to surgery. Prior to his efforts, going to surgery was one of the most dangerous things a person could do, and was considered an act of desperation. Because of his efforts, surgery became a routine medical practice.

probably, but why would you need to?

Generally you will get an instruction letter from the hospital telling you in advance what medications you can take prior to surgery.

Yes. Tylenol is not a blood thinner like Ibuprofen and Aspirin and can be taken before surgery.

This depends on the type of eye surgery you're getting, and what condition your eye is in prior to surgery. If you have any concerns, it's best to talk to your doctor.

The cost of Facelift Surgery varies depending on the doctor, the areas that you want the surgery on, and the location type of procedure you want prior to starting it such as numbing.

Cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with divorce. The person having the surgery would pay for it unless some prior agreement has been reached.

Lasik eye surgery is a very safe procedure. As with any surgery, there are some dangers and these should be discussed with your doctor prior to surgery.

Yes you may get an injection in the side of the face to block the nerve prior to cataract surgery or you may opt to have a general anaesthetic depending upon the facilities available in the Theatre

to discuss the surgery and other potential treatment options for the patient's medical condition

Prior to the development of ether the was no anesthetic for surgery

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