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yes you have to lift the motor a few inches to get at all the bolts to the water pump. there should be a cross member near the back of the engine compartment. lift the engine until the brake resevour cap just gets to the cross member.

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Do you have to remove motor mount before you replace the water pump on a 1992 Buick LeSabre?

No but it does take some weird angles to get to all of the bolts. It should remove without removing the motor mount.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville?

you have to remove motor mount ,jack up engine use a board so as to distribute weight , loosen motor mount bolts, raise engine,remove motor mount, remove rest of bolts, remove water pump, clean area, put gasket stuff on pump,place gasket put more stuff on top of gasket ,reinstall water pump, tighten in a back and forth pattern,replace motor mount,also you will have to remove belt before anything else by moving tensioner but figured you knew that already

How do I install a water pump on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

You have to remove the motor mount. Once the motor mount is removed you can remove the old water pump and install the new one. Make sure the area is clean before you install the new one.

How do you remove the 3 bottom bolts out of the water pump located on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

you have to remove the motor mount and power steering pump

350 leaking water at motor mount?

It could be a freeze plug on the side of the engine block by the motor mount.

How do you remove motor mount on 98 Buick Park Avenue ultra?

you can do it by removing the balancer or by removing the water pump... its not easy either way

Is It Difficult to change a water pump?

Hell yeah, its a painin the ass. Must remove the motor mount / slide it out of the way. Thank God you dont have to change the belt. On some Buick models, the motor mount has to be removed to change a damn belt!

How do you replace a timing belt on a 1996 Ford Contour?

You start by removing the air breather, then you remove the 8 nuts holding the top of the motor to the motor mount.Remove the motor mount..You will have to remove the radiator plastic fill bottle to get to the motor mount.Release the tension from the serpentine belt and remove it.You need to remove the harmonic balancer and the water punp pulley..This should allow you to remove the plastic covers from the front of the engine exposing the timing belt...

How do you replace the water pump on a 2004 Kia Optima?

It deoends on motor size. I have the same question about a 2.4L. I think I need to remove the upper and lower timing belt cover, and possably the right motor mount. Tony

Where is the water pump located on a 1996 Honda passport 3.2l and how is it driven?

located behind the timing belt cover and engine mount bracket. Its driven by the timing belt. To replace it the engine must be jack up to remove the motor mount.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 VW Passat GLX VR6?

Loosen front motor mount bolt from the top 17mm long swivel extension. Jack up motor. Remove 6mm hex pulley bolts. Remove 6mm hex housing bolts. Wiggle and it's out.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1999 Ford Escort?

support the engine on a floor jack, remove the motor mount on the right side, clear access to and remove the timing cover, remove the timing belt. Water pump is under the timing belt. Replace the water pump and reassemble. It is strongly reccommended that you install a new timing belt.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1992 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale?

I just changed the one on my 1994 and I believe they are similiar. First loosen the four bolts hold the pulley on the water pump. Make sure they are good and loose. Now remove the serpentine belt. It helps if you make a picture drawing of how the belt goes around the pulleys (unless you have a better memory than me). Now the hardest part of this whole job is the fact the motor mount is directly over two of the bolts you need to get at (don't panic). the motor mount has a single bolt that goes through the portion that couples the motor to the frame mount. Remove it. Now jack up the front end until you can put a jackstand somewhere near the center of the front frame of the car, I actually used two. Make sure to leave room enough on the passenger side so that you can get a jack next to the oil pan where it goes up next to the engine. I believe its left of the oil drain plug as you are looking at the car from the front. Now depending on the jack you have you will need to put something on it to get at the portion of the motor next to the oil pan that can support weight without bending. I used a two by four cut to 8 inches. Once you have this piece on your jack slowly raise the jack until it makes contact with the motor. Have someone watch the motor as it raises until the power steering fill cap is up against the bar that goes from oneside of the motor compartment to the other. Now there are two bolts and one nut on the part of the motor mount attached to the motor. Remove these. Also you will see two bolts on the motor mount attached to the frame. Remove these. Now underneath the frame motor mount is another two bolts Loosen these allot but don't take them all the way out, there is no need. Now that everything is loose raise the on motor mount as high as you can and the rotate the bottom mount out from under the motor attached mount to the right. Remember how you did this because you need to do the exact opposite to get it back in. Once you have the bottom mount out (working it around the AC hoses) You can now remove the motor attached mount, again working it around the AC hoses. Now you have free access to the water pump, finish removing the pully and then all the bolts holding it on. Then put it all back together in the reverse order. Remember to drain your antifreeze first and to refill it afterwards. If you have any questions E-mail me at

How do you remove all three bolts on power steering pump with the motor mount in the way 98 old achieva?

you cant! believe me you can remove two but the last one you have to remove motor mount . jack up motor then remove top three motor mount bolt then look under tire wall you should see two 10mm bolt loosen and the whole mount assembly will lift out you should have enough room then to work with. note.i just change my power steering pump because car whine when idle and only got louder after excelleration. well the whining noise turn out to be ac compressor i think your going threw same issue if it hard to determine rather it power steering or water pump because of type of noise it the ac

How do you change out an harmonic balancer on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

you have to put the car on stands,remove the suspension on the passenger side except the axel, then jack the motor carefully removing the majority of component's on the balancer side of the engine,remove motor mount bracket totally and carefully let motor down till it barely claer's to remove balancer,water pump shaft might give some trouble though!!

How to replace water pump on 1994 4 cylinder Camry?

Answer 94 Camry water pumpYou need to remove the front timing belt cover. May need to remove motor mount on passenger side to get the top half of the cover off. Jack up and support engine to remove mount. Mark the timing belt on the camshaft and on the crankshaft so that it can be replaced without changing the timing. Remove the timing belt and you can change the water pump. Nothing difficult, just time comsuming.

How do you replace a windshield wiper motor for a 1995 geo?

Remove the 2 bolts that hold the container, then remove the electrical connector and the rubber hose, and drain the water. The pump will slide out of the container and the rubber groumet should remain in the the tank. Then hook everthing up and mount the tank, then fill with water. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the container, then remove the electrical connector and the rubber hose, and drain the water. The pump will slide out of the container and the rubber groumet should remain in the the tank. Then hook everthing up and mount the tank, then fill with water.

How do you support the engine on a 92 Pontiac Bonneyville so that you can remove the engine mount for access to the water pump?

Place a floor jack under your engine with a board resting on the jack under your engine between the oil pan and the transmission pan and slowly raise the jack until it supports your engine. remove the motor mount. perform repair. replace mount. remove jack and board. wish we would have rememberedthis earlier.

How do you replace a water pump on 2003 dodge caravan 3.3 liter?

jack up the caravan and place it on jack stands, remove the passenger side tire, take out the three bolts on the pulley. then side a floor jack with a block of wood under the oil pan where it curves at because that is the strongest point. jack up the engine just a little so that you can remove the top motor mount bolts on the passenger side. once the motor mount is loose then lower the jack slowly so the motor tilts at a angle. then you drain the water out and remove the pulley and then the bolts from the water pump to block. clean surface good and replace with a new water pump and seal, and then just go in reverse order .

How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 delta Royale and Does the belt pulley at the bottom of engine close to firewall and motor mount have to be removed?

The pulley you are referring to is the power steering pump pulley and yes you need to unattached the power steering pump from the engine. This is done by removing two bolts behind the pulley. There are three large holes in the power steering pulley and these holes will allow you to gain access to the two power steering bolts. One bolt is located at the top right of the power steering pump and the second bolt is located at the bottom left. Once these bolts are removed the power steering pump will drop down and pivot towards the firewall. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE POWER STEERING HOSES. This is not necessary since the power steering pump is not being replaced. This will give you the clearance you need to access the bolts without obstructions. For the removal of the Serpent belt you will need to remove ONE engine mount bolt. The motor mount bracket is attached to the engine in three points. The engine mount itself sits on top of the frame. Standing over the passenger side fender and looking into the engine compartment you will see the attachment points for the motor mount. The bolt on the bottom right side of the motor mount must be removed. You will need an E8 torx socket for this (it is a stud bolt with a nut, since this is an older car, the nut may be rusted to stud, so the stud may come out by placing a socket on the an E8 socket may not be required). Once the bolt is pulled away from the motor remove the spacer between the motor mount and the engine which will allow the Serpent belt to be removed. DO NOT REMOVE OR LOOSEN ANY OTHER MOTOR MOUNT BOLTS. This is not necessary. If you remove or loosen any other motor mount bolts you will need to support the engine. Good luck. Rob

Where is the water pump located on a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

Answerwater pump for a 98 sunfire is located with the timing belt can be a job. have to remove front of motor. enj. mount ect. More: Unless the 98 is much different from my 96, the water pump has nothing to do with the timing belt. Also, there is no need to remove an engine mount bolt.You should be able to loosen the belt tensioner enough to get the belt on and off the pump pulley.

How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Buick Park Avenue?

Most often you do not need to totally remove the right motor mount. GM unfortuneately made one bolt on the water pump that you can't get to w/o messin with the motor mount. THere are actually two bolts that have access holes in the motor mount but in many cases you can get at and remove the one bolt with some clever manuevering and the right tool. Yet that leaves the other booger bolt. Now this is the PO factor....just one bolt you know some idiot designer left to make everybodies life difficult. So here is how you do it step by step. Loosen the bolts on the water pump flywheel then remove the belt. Take a oil-pan length 2x4 and use it in betwen jack and oil pan and jack up engine almost so that steering pump fluid cover on top side almost hits cross bar. Remove the center bolt of the motor mount holding the two halves of the mount together. Remove two bolts and one nut on the engine side mount. Remove 4 bolts (2 on top and two hidden on side) of the bolts holding the mount to the frame. Now take a big 2x4 and wedge it so as to move the engine to the driver side of the compartment. At the same time rotate and move the mount piece on the engine side--rotating about the stud [that the nut came off of]--so as to paritally split apart the two mount halves. You'll see that you can now get at the two hidden bolts. Remove the water pump pulley wheel. There are a bunch of small and little bolts in the water pump...some on bottom side. Remove them and old pump. Scrape off old gasket. Apply new gasket and sealer to new pump and reverse order to install.

How do you replace water pump on maxima 2003?

the water pump on that motor is ran by the timing chain it is in the front of the motor under a black cover that is held on by 4 bolts and you have to remove a cover like that on the back side of the motor on the front and remove t chain tensionor and turn the motor backwards alittle and then remove the 3 bolts that hold water pump in and the you need to install 2 bolts that screw into the water pump and pulls it out.this is not a real easy job to do for a do it your selfer if you mess it up you could have to remove the whole font cover of the motor to retime it.

Power steering pump removing on a 1995 Oldsmobile 88 royale?

this has to be done in order to remove the last bolt on the water pump in order to change that.

Where is the water pump located on a 1993 Honda Accord EX?

the water pump is located under the side motor mount behind the lower timing cover on the drivers side of the motor.