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First remove the inside door panel to get access to the regulator, the unit comes bolted together in one piece until you have it out of the vehicle. Once you have the whole thing out you can replace just the motor. To get it out you have to drill the 3 rivits that are holding it in place then remove the 3 nuts. To replace it you can either use a rivit gun or add 3 nuts and bolts the same size as the rivits. If the cable has to be separated for any reason do not open the black spool, be careful because the cable tension is preset by the factory.

I just replaced the motor without removing the whole assembly from the door (didn't have to drill out rivets). You need to remove any speakers or other trim on the interior of the door. After you remove the three bolts holding the motor to the gear unit you can separate the two inside the door. You'll have to drill a hole in the door to get at one of the bolts - there's a dimple in the door at the location where the bolt is located. Just look at the new motor to see where the bolts are located. The window needs to be up to give you enough room to separate the two inside the door. Once you take out the three bolts just take a screwdriver and pry the two apart. Disconnect the wiring harness from the motor and you can pull the motor out through the speaker opening.

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Q: Do you have to remove the regulator that uses a cable mechanism instead of a gear in order to remove the motor on a 94 Explorer rear power window?
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How do you install a new window regulator on a mgzr drivers door?

To install a new window regulator on a MGRZ driver's door, remove the door panel and the wiring attached to the power window mechanism. Remove stereo speaker from the inside door and the window glass. Remove the old window regulator and replace with new.

How do you remove an explorer back side door panel to see why window will not hold up?

You must remove door panel and replace window regulator.

How do you change the regulator of a valeo alternator?

The regulator can be found on the top of the alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the regulator. Remove the retaining screws from the regulator. Reverse the process to install the new regulator.

How do you remove driver side window and regulator 1997 crown Victoria?

To remove the drivers side window and regulator, you will need to remove the door panel from the door. Then you can unbolt the regulator and window to remove them.

How do you change fuel regulator?

Remove the fuel regulator retaining screws. Remove the fuel regulator wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new fuel regulator.

How do you replace the electric window regulator in a 1999 Camry?

The panel where the regulator is detachable. You will be able to remove it very easily. When you remove the panel you will see the way how the regulator can be replaced.

How do you remove and refit drivers side electric window regulator on a 96 polo?

Begin by removing the inside door panel. Remove the wiring harness from the electric window regulator. Remove the window regulator retaining screws.

How do you fix drivers side window on 2002 ford explorer?

Remove the 2002 Ford Explorer drivers side inside door panel. The entire window mechanism will be visible. Locate and repair the cause for the window malfunction.

How do you remove and replace Window motor regulator on a 2000 intrigue?

remove your door panel there will be three screws holding it on. then you have to remove the screws holding your window to the regulator. then unbolt regulator and motor from door. Undo wiring going to motor.

How does one remove and replace the window regulator in 51 Chevy truck?

Remove door panel, remove glass, take out old regulator ( if you need to remove rivets by cutting or punching them out you may use nuts and bolts to install new regulator), install new regulator and glass, ensure proper function, re-install door panel.

How do i change the right rear window motor on a 2002 deville?

It is best to replace entire regulator as one unit. Remove door panel. Remove bottom nut of regulator, and remove two top nuts of regulator. Loosen two bolts on bracket holding window. Support window, and carefully remove regulator as one unit.

How do you remove the spare tire on 2003 ford explorer?

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How do you replace 1995 Toyota Celica power window regulator?

remove back seat, remove screws bottom and top of panel, remove panel. remove 3 bolts and motor arm, window and regulator will pull out.

How do you remove a fan blade from a 1998 Ford Explorer?

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Can I remove internet explorer if i have Firefox?

You have to first download Firefox. Then after installing Firefox, you can remove Internet Explorer.

Can you use a air compressor to fill oxygen with its regulator?

NO ... this is dangerous, take your tank to a professional depot that does this , but remove the regulator first.

Replace fuel pressure regulator 2001 Pontiac grand prix se?

First depressurize fuel system remove vacuum line going into the top of regulator loosen fuel line nut going into bottom of regulator remove screw attaching regulator to fuel rail gently tug regulator outboard then up do opposite for installation

Is there a fuse I can remove for the Ford Explorer tire pressure sensor?

Is there a fuse I can remove for the ford explorer tire sensor

If removeing window motor on firebird do you have to remove window and regulator?

Depending on the year, 92 through 97. Yes! The motor is riveted to the regulator. You must remove as a unit, drill a hole in regulator arm and insert a bolt and nut to keep from springing back. Then drill out rivets to motor replace motor with bolts and remove bolt in regulator arm.

Remove voltage regulator on a 68 camaro?

Unplug it, remove the two screws and take it out.

How do you remove ignition switch from 1992 Ford Explorer?

Type your answer here... How do you remove ignition switch from 1992 ford explorer?

How do you remove a torque converter switch on a 2004 explorer?

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How do you repair power window on catera?

First, remove the switch panel by prying it out and disconnecting the electrical?æconnectors. Pry away the trim panel so that you can get to the mechanical workings of the window. Remove the fasteners that hold the regulator to the door and then remove the regulator. Install the new regulator and put the door back together.

How do you change the right window regulator in a 1992 Lincoln Town car?

Have to remove the door panel screws, then remove speaker, drop the cables off the window motor (maybe), drill out the rivets that secure the regulator at bottom and remove two bolts at the top of regulator. push window all way up remove glass from regulator, I used a screwdriver but am sure there must be an easier way to remove the caulk that hold window to regulator. then dats about it..if you need to replace motor same thing drill out the rivets and pull out from right side of door...have fun that project sucked for me..LOL

How do I replace a window regulator for a 94 Toyota Camry?

Remove the door panel. Use a coat hanger or ty rap to secure the window in the up position. Disconnect the wiring from the motor. Remove the bolts that secure the glass to the regulator. Remove the regulator. Install motor on new regulator. Installation is the reverse procedure. 6 to 8 bolts in entire process. Good Luck. CAH