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I wouldn't disconnect the battery, you'll have to reset a lot of electronics - radio code, auto up windows, auto close sunroof, seat memory settings, etc. I simply removed my brake pad wear sensors when I replaced my front brake pads. I then had to connect a piece of paper clip to close the circuit on the wire leads quick connect assembly, holding it in place with electrical tape. No more aggrivating break pad wear indicator light....

I would think that it is just a stored code. Try disconnecting the positive battery cable from the battery for 10 seconds with the key switch on but the engine not running. This should reset the computer. If the light comes back on, the sensor may need replacement.

If you mean the "Check Brake light" , message that comes in the display , this is normal. even if you change the pads , it will not go. this is a German way to show you : please safety is very important : everytime you want to use your car check the break lights if they are ok.

what you have to do is only push the brake ,and the alarm will go.I learned this from the handbook provided with the car.

for the sensor , better change it.

Yes you have to replace the worn pad sensor to get the Brake Wear Indicator Light to go off. The pad sensor will wear away and trigger the light. It will go off onnce you replace them. Please keep in mind that this is the Brake Wear Sensor Light and not the Brake System Warning Light. The Brake Warning Light will come on if there are Hydrualic Pressure related problems.

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Q: Do you have to replace a worn disc pad wear sensor on a Cadillac Catera after replacing the pads to get the warning light to go off on the dash or is it stored as a code in the computer that has to be canceled and if so how would you do that?
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