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No, the plaster can be patched. But how good the patch looks depends on several things like the color of the plaster, its age, and the person doing the patching. New, white plaster would be the easiest to patch while old, colored plaster would be more difficult to do satisfactorily.

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Q: Do you have to replaster the entire pool to fix a crack in the plaster on one area?
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How much does it cost to replaster a pool?

How big(area) is your pool ? 15/30

What is the area of Plaster's Green Meadows?

The area of Plaster's Green Meadows is 43,000.0 square meters.

How do you repair a large area of plaster in a gunite swimming pool?

Break out the old plaster and plaster over the area to seal the plaster surface. It is best to lower water level in the pool first but there are patch materials that work under water.

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How many bags of cement per square meter of plaster?

Mix AExterior/ Exposed to dampnessArea of plaster per bag mixAll Purpose Cement Plaster thickness Area of wall (m2)Bags per (m2)110 mm120.08333333315 mm80.12520 mm60.166666667Mix BInterior/ Dry.Area of plaster per bag mixAll Purpose Cement Plaster thickness Area of wall (m2)Bags per (m2)110 mm150.06666666715 mm100.120 mm7.50.133333333

Is it possible to have a new skim coat of plaster applied to a concrete in-ground pool as the plaster surface has wear marks from vacuuming and age?

Yes you can (re-plaster) There should be a company in your area that does the plaster for pools when they are built and also re-plaster as they get older. Your Pool supplier should be able to suggest who may be the most reliable. yes,

What is the top of the butt crack called?

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What can be done with plaster walls when you want to run wiring?

Nothing, but break away the plaster in the area you want to run the wire into the wall than to repair replace with drywall.

Is there such thing as a kit with fake plaster casts in so you can pretend you have a broken arm?

Not that I know of. However the process is so simple that a kit would kind of be over-kill.Material: Vaseline or (shaving cream and rasor), roller gauge bandage, plaster of Paris.Shave limb or apply liberal Vaseline If you're a real man and don't mind a little pain you can skip this step.Apply roller bandage over entire area to be encased.Apply Plaster of Paris and let dry.

Can a nail gun be used on a plaster wall?

I wouldn't recommend using a nail gun on plaster, it may shatter around the area you would be nailing. I would predrill a whole and use screws into the studs. I recommend using a concrete drill bit. If you plan on covering the entire wall with wood or something then you could get away with using a nail gun, but if you ever take that wood down the plaster wall will be ruined. You could always fill in the pre-drilled holes and paint over it if you ever wanted the plaster look again if you went with screws.

How do you repair a pool crack with full pool?

There are 2 part epoxies that will do the trick. The product has a clay like consistency to it and the label should tell you if it can be used underwater. Pool stores, Lowes, Home Depot all have a suitable product. Clean the crack of debris or loose plaster, mix up the epoxy and push it into the crack as deep as you can. Go back over the area with a finger to remove most of the excess and give a decent appearance to the repair. It will last until whatever caused the crack allows it to crack again. There is always a reason a pool cracks....expansive soil, ground movement, trees (I am fixing a tree crack right now) soil compaction/liquifaction etc.

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