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No, you do not need to see every Pokemon to receive a Kanto starter from him. Instead, you have to get all 16 badges and defeat Red at Mt. Silver.

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To get a starter from him you have to beat red at mt silver.

after you beat red[in mt silver] , go to prof oak and he will give you a Pokemon

to get the starter from professor oak you have to go through mount silver and beat red then he will give it to you.

You have to beat the Pokemon league then red on mt. silver and then go see prof. oak and he will have the three starter Pokemon from kanto

In Kanto you can get a starter poke'mon from Oak you have to first get your pokedex almost filled then go to mt. Silver then fight Red.

Im Sorry But No..... Proffesser Oak Does Not. Either Trade From Pokemon Red Or Blue To Pokemon Silver But he does give you one in Soul Silver, go to Pallet town and talk to him, he'll let you choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squitle

After you defeat Red (the game's Ash), Professor Oak gives you a starter Pokemon from Kanto.

Squirtle can be obtained from Professor Oak. You must first beat Red on Mt. Silver. Once you do, Professor Oak will offer you the three starter Pokemon from the Kanto region. Squirtle is one of those Pokemon. You can also trade for it.

You get the blue orb after you defeat Red at Mt. Silver and get the Kanto Starter Pokemon From Professor Oak. You then go talk to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you it.from mr Pokemon after u defeat redYou can get the Blue Orb from Mr. Pokemon after you've received the National Pokedex and gotten a starter Kanto Pokemon from Professor Oak.

you cant get a wild bulbasaur in the game you get it as a starter Pokemon from professor oak when you beat red on mt silver

In Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver you can get a Johto starter from Professor Elm, a Hoenn starter from Steven, and a Kanto starter from Professor Oak

After you beat red at MT. silver you can go to professor Oak and get a kanto starter. you can also get a red orb from Mr. Pokemon to get graudon at the Embedded tower near cinawood city. you can also get a hohen starter from steven in the sliph building..

you can only get it in Soulsilver you would have to beat Red and get a starter Pokemon from Prof. Oak then you talk to Mr. Pokemon at his house and he will give you the red orb (blue in heartgold)

go to prof. oak and i think he has a surprise for you. that's all i know.

Yes You get a special orb from Mr. Pokemon when you receive the National Dex, defeat Red on top of Mt. Silver and have received a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak.

You can obtain it from Oak as a starter, use a cheat, or trade.

Go to Prof. Oak get a Kanto starter then go to MR. Pokemon he will ive you the Red Orb then go to the Embedded Tower. ~Riack~:p

You have to beat all 16 Gyms and Talk to Prof. Oak and then you will be allowed to go into Mt. Silver. What does Mt. Silver contain?: A trainer named Red with level 88 Pokemon (beat him too get a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak in the Kanto Lab and a Hoenn starter from Steven in Sliph Co.) Moltres Rock and Ground type Pokemon including Larvitar (level up to lvl 55 to get the famous Pokemon Tyranitar.

Gold and Silver: you beat the game Heart Gold and Soul Silver: you can get Kanto Starter from prof. oak, Heonn starter from steven at saffrom city. And you can get Kyorge HG Groundon SS from Mr. Pokemon route 31 i think

To get the Kanto Starter Pokemon, you have to have all 16 gym badges. Then, go to the top of Mt. Silver and defeat Red, the original Pokemon master that disbanded Team Rocket years ago. After defeating Red, talk to Professor Oak. He will give you the opportunity to get one Kanto Starter.