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You have to have caught all of the Pokemon (not just see them) to complete the Pokedex to show to Gamefreak, or have it during a trade

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Q: Do you have to see them or catch the Pokemon on the Hoenn dex to complete it?
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Do you have to catch every Pokemon in the Hoenn dex or just 200 of them to get the johto starter?

I think you need number 1 - 200 in the hoenn dex. Hoenn dex has 202 Pokemon fyi.

How do you complete the hinno poke-dex in Pokemon emerald?

See or catch every Pokemon in the Hoenn (only the new ones)

How do you complete your Hoenn Dex in Pokemon Emerald without a Gameshark?


Can you catch Pokemon from other regions if you have unlocked the national dex in sapphire?

As in, can you catch them inside the Hoenn Region?

What Pokemon can't be caught in Pokemon Sapphire?

You can catch everything on the Hoenn dex Excluding Groudon & Latios

What happens if you complete the pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

if u complete the hoenn-dex u get either one of the 3 starter Pokemon from prof.birch i don't know about the national dex.

How can you get into pal park Besides complete the Sinnoh Dex and get the National Dex before they will let you in?

It is not impossible, you have to have Pokemon from Kanto and Hoenn

Do you have to see 200 Pokemon in the national dex or Hoenn dex?

for cyndaquill/chikorita/totodile you need 200 hoenn dex

What do you have to do in Pokemon Diamond after you have the national dex?

What you have to do is catch all the Pokemon from all the other regions(complete national dex.

How do you complete he hoen dex in Pokemon emerald?

Catch all the pokemon in the hoen dex. You may want to trade.

What Johto Pokemon are in Pokemon Emerald?

as far as i know, u get a choice between chickorita, totodile, and, uh the last 1, IF u complete the hoenn dex, (all 200 Pokemon in hoenn

How do you catch a Cyndaquil in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't catch a Cyndaquil but you can receive one from Prof Birch if you finish the Hoenn Dex or get one from Pokemon colosseum or Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

I have the national pokedex. where can you catch totodile in Pokemon emerald?

No, but once you complete hoenn dex, the professor will give you one of the 2nd gen starters for free!(totadile chickorita and cindaquil

How do you complete the Sinnoh dex in pearl?

Catch all the Pokemon in the game

How long should it take to fill the Hoenn dex?

you have to get 212 Pokemon in that dex

How do you get jarashi on Pokemon ruby?

Jirachi: After completing the Hoenn Dex, Go to The Space Station in Mosdeep, you will be able to catch Jirachi.

On Pokemon emerald what Pokemon is id number 018?

in the national dex: Pidgeot in the hoenn dex: Dustox

How do you catch lotad in Pokemon Platinum?

where to catch lotad in Pokemon platinum i really need one to complete the national dex

Can you get the Pokemon Cyndaquill in Pokemon Emerald?

You can get Cyndaquill by completing the Hoenn Dex.

How do you catch a Shroomish in Pokemon platinum?

You catch Sroomish in the great marsh, but he is very rare you can only catch after you complete the sinnoh dex

What is the complete Hoenn pokedex?

200 species all though if you do the math yourself the actual hoenn Pokemon species count is 135 but the hoenn dex includes a few kanto species and johto species that's why its 200 instead.

What item does oak give you when you beat the game on Pokemon leafgreen?

If you have 60 Pokemon or more after beating the game oak will give you the national dex which will allow you to catch and own johto and hoenn Pokemon.

Can you catch absol without having surf in Pokemon heartgold?

yes you can catch it in most caves after you have the national dex just go to say slowpoke well for example and use the hoenn sounds on your pokegear but the hoenn sounds is only usable on Wednesdays

How do you get the national dex in pokemond diamond?

=you first have to complete the sinnoh dex,this is not that hard.==however the national dex is,YOU HAVE TO CATCH EVERY POKEMON THERE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!== you HAVE to trade and migrate,==hope it helped!==^_^=

How do you get a totodile in Pokemon emerald?

you have to get 202 Pokemon in the Hoenn Dex and prof. Birch will call you on your pokenav