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Do you have to separate your pregnant guinea pig from other guinea pigs?


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Yes you do, and you should keep her separate from male pigs for a few months because getting pregnant again can harm her.

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It is advised to separate any pregnant animals away from other animals, so yes.

She may be feeling threatened and she may want her own place to have her babies by herself. When my guinea pigs are pregnant, I separate them from all other guinea pigs. That way they can settle down and relax - not get uptight about frustrating companions :) Maybe just separate your male and female!!!

Yes most of them do. It depends on the situation. If the other Guinea pig is a tacking another then the best thing to do is to separate them.

hi there I'm Chloe Brooks and i own a guinea pig farm so i will tell you what to do if your pregnant female guinea pig is with other female (not pregnant) guinea pigs then its fine and she can give birth to the babies with the other guinea pigs if your pregnant female guinea pig is by her self then she will be fine to give birth to her babies if your pregnant female guinea pig is with a male(s) guinea pig then its best to separate her 2 weeks before her babies are due as female guinea pigs can become dominant and aggressive towards males when there pregnant I hope that your guinea pig will have lovely babies good luck for you and your guinea pig! greets Chloe Brooks

Guinea Pigs get pregnant like everything in nature.....with a partner of the opposite gender. If the two guinea pigs like each other, they will mate and hopefully in two months, you'll have a few new guinea pigs! ^^

Most Guinea Pigs becomes lazy when they are pregnant,so most Guinea Pigs will not run away from home.But,Pregnant Guinea Pigs must need more exercise.

Do not breed guinea pigs. The world has enough, and, believe it or not, it is very dangerous for a guinea pig to be pregnant.

Guinea pigs should never be housed outside (temperature fluctuations, humidity and predators), pregnant guinea pigs especially. Please separate your pregnant guinea pig from any males. They can go into heat within an hour of giving birth.

Female guinea pigs are able to get pregnant as soon as 3 weeks. That's why it's important to separate them from males around that time.10 weeks, but it is best if you want to breed them to allow them to get pregnant at 12 weeks

No, this is not a good idea. The male can hurt the babies. Males should be housed separate from other guinea pigs.

guinea pigs get pregnant at 2 months

Yes just when ever one is ready to mate it will fight with the other, also when it is pregnant and has babies it must be separate

no guinea pigs do not eat their young.

I have two guinea pigs and they got in a fight. One of them got injured. I recommend you do what I did and separate them. It's your best bet.

If you want to breed your Guinea pigs,you don't want to move male Guinea pig.They quickly increases their population,so most pet owners separate males from females.Their pregnancy last for about two months and have about 3 to 4 babies. Male Guinea pigs must be separated from pregnant Guinea pig because he may cause too much stress for her and she can become pregnant again as soon as she gave birth.You should also separate male Guinea pigs from baby Guinea pigs.

You separate the guinea pigs only if you don't want the female to become pregnant.If you do want her pregnant ask a vet or someone who has bred before for advice to make the birth easier and more comftorable.

I had guinea pigs when I was little. two females, one was pregnant but we didn't know when we got her. she and the other one killed the babies when they were born.

Yes, usually a pregnant guinea pig develops a pear shape when it is pregnant. Message me with any other guinea pig or rabbit questions!! :D Jillian

Guinea pigs love to have a companion, so, unless they fight, or one has just given birth, you do NOT need to separate them.

Questions about guinea pigs include:Can all guinea pigs breed?Do all guinea pigs get along with other guinea pigs?What is their habitat?

They are not used to sharing. It is a good idea to buy a separate cage and put them next to each other and then they will know that they wanted to play with each other. Guinea Pigs will get used to the other Guinea pig if you leave it in the cage a little.

When a guinea pigs is jealous, it usually has a reason. Give him/her the same attention and love that you do to the other one. Also try giving it more love. when worst comes to worst, separate them- other wise one will die. :C I luv guinea pigs!

usually, when my guinea pigs get pregnant, there pee turns milky white, but that is just with my guinea pigs, i don't know if other people have had different experience

Guinea Pigs can get pregnant from the age 6 weeks and up. x

It depends what type but most guinea pigs are friendly with others.

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