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Unless it goes beyond the normal every day stuff. As in example, you would be asked to sign a W9 form, application for employment, Drug screening test, background check. With your job, as long as it has something to do with your normal every day job, as in signing for a package and you are the receptionist, or you are asked to sign a contract while you are the one making the deal. Then yes you are obligated to sign. But if you are just the cleaning person and you are asked to sign for something that you had no action in, then this should be brought up with your supervisor and or the next level up on the chain. If at any time you are asked to sing something that does make you feel uncomfortable, then it is your right to refuse. Except if it falls into the categories I mentioned above.

AnswerYou don't HAVE to sign anything. But, be aware that if you refuse to sign certain legal documents, like an I-9 or certain forms that are important to the employer (credit check, drug testing, uniforms issued) they can fire you. So no, you don't HAVE to sign. And they don't HAVE to employ you. Answer

If you're referring to a write-up, yes. You have to acknowledge the discipline provided. Even if you don't agree. What you can do in your defense, though, if you don't agree is include a comment. State as clearly as possible what your standpoint is in your disagreement. Be respectful and polite, otherwise you will be made to look as insubordinate which is what your employer can use if it's that he/she is trying to get you fired. If need be, you can later prove your point with your boss contradicting a company's policy if that's the case, for example. This can actually work in your defense being that the write-up is documenting your boss's unsubstantiated grounds for writing you up.

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Q: Do you have to sign anything an employer asks you to?
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An employer asks an employee that I can count on you to?

If an employer asks an employee if that employer can count on him or her, the answer should be yes. An employee must be reliable in order to benefit the employer.

Can an employer force you to sign an at will policy?

Technically an employer can't force you to sign anything. They generally can, however, opt to stop employing you (or not employ you in the first place) if you don't.

What happens with a police officer gives you a ticket and you dont sign it?

In some place you will go to jail, it others it does not matter. If the officer asks you to sign, sign. You are not admitting to anything.

When a prospective employer asks how long you've been unemployed and asks about their search results is it legal?

A prospective employer DOES have the right to ask about your employment history.

Can a employer make you sign up for a 401 K?

no one not even an employer can make you sign up for anything 401K,any type ofinsurance,benefits,care,not even dental,vision,health its actually up to the individual if anyone wants anything or not nothing can be forced on anyone

Can your employer sign any of your paper work without your permission?

An employer cannot sign for you WITH your permission. If a document needs your signature, you sign or do not sign it.

What if your boss asks about your new employer?

Be more specific.

Can employer require employee to sign blank time sheet?

No one anywhere can require you to sign anything. Doing so would invalidate your signature. It must be voluntary.

Do you have to sign anything before your employer issues you a company credit card?

I would expect you would have to sign an agreement to be held responsible for all purchases made on the card.

If a document asks for an electronic signature how do you sign it?

if a document asks for my signature I sign it electronically because there is not way to leave it blank then after the document is printed out I sign under my e signature

Who can sign CSCS Card?

your employer

How many references should you have ready to list if an employer asks for them?


What should you consider as you answer each question that an employer asks during an interview?

Will my answer make an employer more likely or less likely to hire me?

What is a sign on bonus?

its where you can sign on for a bonus, and your employer can either elect you to have the bonus, or he can decline what you have to say.

What you will answer when an employer asks about your first crush?

tell him that its personal and you shoulden't be asking such unprofessional questions.

What should you consider as you answer each question that an employer asks for an interview?

Whatever comes to you first!

Should engineer install a system that renders employees redundant?

If your employer asks you to then yes.

What does prospective employer refer too?

It means a future employer. Anything that is prospective is in the future.

Can an employer ask you when you are retiring?

An employer can ask an employee if they are retiring as long as it is not done in a way that does not discriminate. It is not legal for an employer to tell an employee to resign because of his age. Also, an employee does not have to answer if his boss asks if he is retiring.

What if a potential employer asks for performance appraisal from past employer?

If you are asked for a performance review from a past employer then you should reach out to your former manager. If you can't get a performance review, then you should use the manager as a reference.

When a job application asks your reason for leaving a job and were you ever laid off what is the best way to answer?

Truthfully. To do anything else is illegal and if an employer ever discovered that you had lied on a job application, you could be fired.

Can my employer make m sign any type paperwork?

No, they cannot force you to sign anything. However, employers often make employment contingent on signing certain documents, such as a non-compete agreement. If you refuse to sign, you could be fired or not hired.

What asks supporters to sign their names electronically to a request that is going to a government official?

An electronic petition asks supporters to sign their names electronically to a request that is going to a government official.

Can an employer force an employee to sign a disciplinary document?


Can my employer co-sign my auto lease?

An employer can co sign an auto lease. However, most people think it is not a good idea to mix business with your personal life.

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