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If you signed up before Facebook became a requirement to new registrations then you can still sign in with your old account, just click the "Sign in" button under "Legacy account member?"

If you joined via Facebook or want to register a new account then you can only sign in via your Facebook account.

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Do you have to have facebook to create a answers account?

No, You can sign up using your email. Facebook, Google or Twitter login is optional

How do you login to Answers without Facebook?

There is no way to sign up for WikiAnswers without using Facebook. All users who wish to make a WikiAnswers account must sign up using a Facebook account.

Can you sign in using mobile number into the facebook account?

yes you can login using mobile number in facebook on the main facebook login page.

How do you log into Facebook?

in order to login to facebook you must have an account which you can make by tuyping in facebook sign up or login on google and click on the one that you need. your user name would be your Email account and your password would be the one you chose to be your password on facebook.

How do you sign up for celebkinz?

you go on facebook to login on celebkinz

Is postini login similar to facebook login?

Postini login and facebook login are very similar. They both use your email address to log into the site. The password is something that you create when you sign up for services.

Do you have to have a Facebook or Twitter to have a Pinterest account?

No, you do not need to have a Facebook or Twitter account in order to use Pinterest. You can sign up and login directly using an email address.

Do you have to have Facebook to sign up for Answers?

A Facebook account is no longer required to sign in on Answers.com.

How do you sign up on here without facebook?

Unfortunately the only way to sign up is with a Facebook account. You can create a Facebook account with your email, sign up here then delete the Facebook. There are many members of WikiAnswers against the Facebook only login.

How do you sign up for answerscom without using facebook?

Simple; you have to use your email instead Facebook login is optional.

What is a site issue that won't let you sign in to your facebook page?

my facebook wont let me login cuz of a site issue it wont let me login on my ipod or PS3 n i want to be in tact with my friends but it wont let me login

How do you create a fan page on Facebook?

before you login to facebook, there is an option below the sign up column which says "create a fan page" OR type 'how to create a fan page on facebook' in the search box provided after you login...

How do you hide your email address on Facebook?

When you sign in facebook login and do you see the sign pop up and u don't have to say remember or yes you have to say No. Then it will be all empty.

How do you sign up if you you don't have Facebook?

I'm afraid that Wiki Answers requires members to sign up using Facebook.

How do you cancel a Answers account?

sign out and never login again left hand side {--

Can I sign up for Answers without using my Facebook Account?

I wouldn't mind using my Facebook account except for that when I tried to sign up for answers it said something about by doing so answers would have access to all my info and such is there a way to make sure my personal friends only information is not accessable to answers if I sign up using my Facebook accoutn?

How do you log in to agar.io?

You login to Agar.io by clicking the 'Login and Play' button on the Agar.io landing page. You may use either a Facebook or Google account to sign in.

Can you sign up for answers without a facebook account?

Unfortunately not. As of late 2012, Facebook is currently the only way to sign up. Sorry.

How do you sign up without facebook?

You can't - WikiAnswers decided to force every new user to register through facebook !Just sign up with email address if you do not want to use your facebook account login details to be used.

Why is answers com cancelling Google sign in account?

Answers does not cancel Google sign in. It could be because of the popup issue. You have to enable the popups on the site to enable google login.

How do you go to Facebook?

Open your browser and enter the address of Facebook in the address bar. It will take you to the Main login page of Facebook. To proceed further, you need to have a valid account on Facebook. It is very easy to sign up and it is free. If you already have an account then, you can just enter you login credentials and easily enter in to your account.

Why does WikiAnswers want to access ones Facebook personal profile at sign up?

it needs to access your facebook to get your name and to know if you are of legal age to access the site. It will need your info to sign you up and as your login.

What should you do if you have lost your wikianswers user name?

Non-Facebook user: Click on 'Forgot Password' at the login menu, then insert your email address. Facebook user: Just simply click 'Sign in with Facebook' - there's no need to remember your username if you are a Facebook user. Failing that, feel free to write a message to Answers Support. (Link below)

Is their any site where you can play yovile?

yes you can go to facebook login or sign up and go to applications and it will say yovile on their

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