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Do you have to take a written exam to get a learner's permit?

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Do you have to take a test for a motorcycle permit?

no ! that is why it is called a permit ! and not a lesince ***In Colorado (Boulder County at least) there is a short written test to obtain a learners permit and an eye exam.

Can my daughter go to our DMV to take a test for her learners permit?

Yes she can. She will need to show the DMV appropriate proof of identity. Pay for her learners' permit and you will have to sign for financial responsibility. She will then need to pass an eye test, and written exam. You have 3 chances to pass the written exam

Do you have to take a written test for a learners permit?


What is the Learners permit age in Connecticut?

In Connecticut you can get your learners permit when you are 16. You will have to take a written test, have your parents permission, and take an eye test.

Do you have to take a test to get your learners permit?

Yes you must take a test to get your learners permit.

Can you take the learners permit test in Nebraska before you are 15?

Yes, you can take a learners permit when you are 14.

How do I obtain a driving license permit?

You have to take a written exam. You will only take the driving exam after having the permit, when you are ready to get the actual driver's license.

Is it necessary for Teens to take Drug And Alcohol Course to get Learners Permit?

Yes..You are 100% correct, Teens should complete Florida Drug and Alcohol Course to get their first time learners permit . Before Teens can take the DHSMV Florida Permit Exam and they have to get their Learners Permit, So its a 4-Hour Online Course called Traffic Law and Substance Awareness Course (TLSAE or DATA).

How long does it take to get your learners permit?

a week

Can my aunt take me to get my learners permit?


How do you get your learners license?

The Learners Permit is a written exam that you take at the Department of Motor Vehicle in your counties court house or government building. You go down their first and get a book that you need to study and set a test date when you feel ready, then you go and get 100....!!!!!!Good luck

Does an 18 year old have to have a learners permit?

Last I heard, if you are eighteen there is specific test you take that leads to your license, not a learners permit.

How can I be ready to take my learners permit practice test?

Well, I would recommend preparing for learners permit practice tests by practicing with past learners permit practice tests. However, there is also the option of studying.

Where can you take your learners permit test?

at a DMV office

How do you get your learners permit?

In California, You would have to take a driver's education course if you are under the age of the 17 and a half. You can take the course online. I went with It was really cheap and easy. Once you complete the final exam, they'll be sending you a pink certificate of completion, which you can go to the DMV with and apply to take your written test to get your permit.

If you take the test to get your learners permit online how do you get your permit?

you dont get it on the have to go to a dmv..

How old are you when you get your learners permit to drive?

It depends what the legal age to take the test and get a learners permit is, in your province or state. ie) in Alberta you have to be at least 14

Can a stepparent take a stepchild to get their learners permit in Michigan?


Does it matter what website I go on to take a learners permit practice test?

You may take a learners permit practice test at the following

Do you need a learners permit to take drivers ed?

Much of drivers education is about learning rules, methods, and etiquette and does not require a permit. The learners permit allows you to get in the drivers seat and to practice driving.

If someone is over 15 what do they have to do to get a learners permit in Colorado?

They with a legal adult must go to the Department of Transportation. DOT They will have to take a written test and pass in order to get a Drivers Permit.

Can you take learners permit test online?

yes you can if its a safe place. If not you can take the the test.

How long will it take to get a new learners permit if you lost one?

If you lost your learners permit it will not take long to get another one. You will need to go to the DMV and ask for a replacement. Many times the replacement can be given in the office.

Do need driving school to get a license?

yes most people do and you also get a learners permit that allows you to drive with someone who has a licence and then you go take the driving test but to get a learners permit you just need to take a test like you take in school

What do you need to bring to take your learners permit test in New York?

A personality!