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no the head separates from block the valve cover comes off the head bolts are under that and take them out and pry head up and then replace head gasket then repeat the order put head back on and tighten bolts and be sure not to scratch the head gasket when you put the head back on

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 03:17:01
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Q: Do you have to take apart the rocker arm assembly when replacing head gasket on a 1993 ford explorer?
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Will driving with a blown rocker gasket damage the car?

Rocker gasket? If you are referring to a valve cover gasket, no it will do no damage as long as you keep the oil level full.

How do you Remove rocker assembly on 95 sonata?

Remove the valve cover. The rocker arm assembly can be removed by loosening the rocker arm screws. Each rocker arm will have a screw.

How do you replace a rocker cover gasket for a daewoo nubria?

you have to cut out the fuel cells because they are partially attached to the rocker cover gasket but that will not completely remove it you also have to remove the radiator and then the rocker cover gasket will be suspended in the air. You then have to cut the cords and the gasket will fall to the ground. And the rest is pretty simple.

How do you install rocker arm assembly on 1987 2.5?

There is no rocker arm assembly on a 1987 2.5 engine. Each valve has its own rocker, they are installed and adjusted one at a time.

How do you know there is valve damage on a 1999 Dodge Neon when timing belt breaks?

Remove the rocker assembly and pressure test the cylinders.Remove the rocker assembly and pressure test the cylinders.

Cummins m11 rocker cover housing torque specs?

Rocker assembly 135ftlbs rocker box or housing is 35ftlbs

Does oil residue around the head gasket definitively indicate a replacement of the head gasket is needed?

Not necessarily. Check the rocker gasket.

Changing head gasket do you have to take rocker arms off?


Is slight but constant oil seepage from the head wo coolant loss or overheating 89 cavalier a sure sign the head gasket needs replacing?

I'd be more suspicious of a rocker cover gasket. If you're sure it's the head, try re-torquing it first.

How do you remove the rocker arm assembly in a 1975 nova?

Unscrew the nut on top and lift off the rocker and swivel.

How do you change rocker gasket?

I am assuming you mean "rocker cover" gasket. All you have to do is simply take the cover off, peal away all the old gasket, clean both gasket surfaces, and then use a small amount of RTV silicone in the corners of rubber gaskets (NOT CORK GASKETS) and then re-install the new gasket in place of the old one.

What causes oil to leak around the head of a Honda vt600 shadow?

rocker cover gasket or valve inspection gasket leaking

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