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If you mean your wisdom teeth, only if they are causing problems with the other teeth. Many people do not have enough room for them to fit properly in the mouth.

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Roots of teeth do not grow back.

For your child's two front teeth to grow back, it will likely take about a month. This depends on how close the teeth are to growing in, though.

To make the front teeth tidy in back, take the tooth brush and brush them on the back side. Using dental floss and mouth will also help to keep the teeth clean.

They don't! Unless you were born with 3 sets of teeth

Whales have bristles, not teeth. So no their teeth do not grow back.

They are perminent teeth. only milk teeth grow back

no they are wisdom teeth

Yes back teeth fall and grow

No, just like you don't get your baby teeth back! You don't get your wisdom teeth back!

Baby teeth will never grow back, once their gone their gone. However, this 4 year old may have earlier adult teeth. These are stronger, but take care of them. For when these Adult teeth are gone, theres no way of getting them back, unless of course you wear dentures or have teeth implants. This however is very expensive, and as a 4 year old, i wouldn't want to be wearing dentures!! So the answer to your question is that, his baby teeth will never grow back, but his Adult teeth will.

yes back teeth can come out if they are first (milk) teeth they will be replaced but if they are second or adult teeth they can only be replaced with false teeth

well no because those are your strong teeth back there

When a person dreams of their teeth falling out, it means they may be embarrassed about something. If the teeth were rotting, it could indicate they said something that they wish to take back.

Your guinea pig's teeth will eventuallly grow back. All rodents can grow teeth back.

it has rows of teeth,every time a teeth comes out, the one on the back replaces it

a rabbits teeth are constantly growing so if your rabbits teeth brake it will grow right back

No u don't get ur baby teeth back u then grow ur adult teeth !

Yes. Tench have Pharyngeal teeth. These teeth are in the back of the throat.

you can get two teeth your primary "baby: teeth and your permanent "adult" teeth. when you lose you adult teeth it will not grow back

she has them on the back of her teeth.

yes you are. its completely normal to lose a couple of your back teeth.

Dogs teeth grow back by themselves you just have to be patient.

define back... in each quadrant there are 5 baby teeth and the sixth one is an adult one.

If they lose there baby teeth then they will grow them back, but if they lose there grown up teeth then they are gone forever.

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