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Do you have to use a dock for an iPod touch?


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It depends on what you are talking about. You do not need a dock to charge your iPod Touch, if that is what you are asking.

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A dock adapter for the iPOD touch helps you dock the iPOD touch in any type of speaker system.Its not meant for standing on its self . (Bryan Z. B10) The dock adapter also helps the iPod to stand if there is no space left to put your iPod.

No, the shuffle dock/charger is connected up to the shuffles ear phones. With the Ipod Touch, you charge/dock connect through an USB Ipod Touch dock connector, the part you plug into the Ipod is not the the ear phone socket. So, basically... No...

It only works with the dock it came with. It won't work on the nano or touch docks.

the ipod touch comes with ....... iPod touch Earphones USB 2.0 cable Dock adapter Polishing cloth Stand Quick Start guide

Yes you can but the camera won't move so you will always have to make sure that what your taping is in the picture so yes, yea you can tape on an iPod touch when it's in the dock.

It's called a Dock Adapter or Dock Insert. So basically, the insert goes into a dock of some sort, it's designed for the iPod touch specifically so it will fit well and not wobble or fall out of the dock.

You need an iPod dock, use this dock you can connect your iPod to TV and other home stero. You can search ipod dock or ipod accessory on Internet and you will get many.

The iPod dock for Apple is a universal dock that can be used with the iPod or iPhone. It includes five dock adapters that fit iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano 5th Generation. The types of dock adapter may vary, depending on when the Apple Universal Dock was purchased. Simply insert the adapter that fits your device, and plug it into your iPhone or iPod. All other models can purchase a dock adapter separately.

Yes, you can get more than one dock attachment. You get one free with the iPod Touch, but you have to buy the extras you want.

install itunes and plug your ipod using the dock connector

That is NOT A STAND it is a dock connector for a dock like the ihome EDIT: Actually it is a stand. I confirmed it in an iPod touch unboxing video that shows that the iPod comes with a "stand". I have this same problem with my iPod nano: I think you're supposed to stick the dock connector thru the hole in the bottom, but I suspect this compromises it's ability to stand upright.

Yes, the 3rd generation iPod was sold with a charger and a dock connector. The 3rd generation iPod touch also comes with a charger, but no dock connector.

No, you do not have to pay to use Safari on the iPod Touch.

Yes, they all use the same 30 pin dock connector, the only one you can't use is the iPod Shuffle charger because it's completely different as it uses the headphone port to charge.

Yes. Every iPod dock as of April 23, 2003, will work with 3rd gen and up, as well as all models of iPod Nano, Mini, Shuffle, and Touch.

Yes, I would get the iHome or other dock accessories. This will allow you to play your iPod at home.

no,you can use ipod,ipod touch,or iphone.you have to buy nike+ ipod sport kit if you use ipod,you just have to buy the sensor if you use ipod touch or iphone

No. You can only use the app store that is provided to you on the ipod touch.

U have to disconnect the phone service and then u can use it as an ipod touch.

You can use Icloud on a 4G ipod touch but, it has to be the latest IRS version.

No. Ipod touch is only an ipod touch, you cannot use it as mobile phone. Iphone is better

place the ipod into the dock and plug the cord into the wall and the back of the dock.

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