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No, it is always optional.

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Should you keep the trademark symbol on a band logo?

In order to use the trademark symbol, you need to have registered the design with the trademark office. When you license your image for use by the band, you can specify, for example, how large the trademark symbol must appear, etc.

Can you use the trademark symbol?

You can use the trademark ™ symbol on any unique name or logo you created and use. It does not require special registration yet still signifies your ownership. The Registered symbol ® is similar to the trademark symbol but it requires registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO or PTO). The copyright symbol © is similar to the trademark symbol and does not require registration (though it is recommended), however it is for use on intellectual property as opposed to brand names.

Which trademark symbol should be used with facebook?

Facebook is a registered trademark, which earns it the right to use the ® symbol.

What is the Unicode for the Trademark Symbol?

The Unicode for the Trademark Symbol is a symbol used to make the assumption that the previous mark is a trademark (a trademark is a recognizable sign of a particular company).

Must you continually use that trademark symbol each time the company name appears in the article?

Trademarks are a bit misunderstood. Trademarks are adjectives and not nouns, so when you refer to a company by its name, you do not need to use the trademark symbol. For example, Answers Corporation is the name of the company that runs this site. If you refer to Answers Corporation in an article, you should not use the trademark symbol. However if you say something like, "The website is . . . ", then you should use the trademark symbol. It is often customary to use a trademark symbol in the title of an article (if applicable) and then the first time that the trademark appears in the article. It is generally accepted that you do not need to use the symbol each time the trademark appears. Michelle_Esq IP attorney with 15 years experience

What is trademark-?

A trademark is a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product.

The exclusive right to use a certain name or symbol is?


Why doesn't Kraft use the registered trademark symbol on its products?

It's not required to use the trademark or registered trademark symbols, and some designers feel it clutters the look of the packaging.

How do you use the All Rights Reserved r symbol?

The (R) symbol is used to indicate that the preceding word or phrase is a trademark or service mark that has been registered with the trademark office.

What is another word for trademark?

There are several other words that you can use for trademark. Just to name a few, you can use symbol and logo. You could also use the words emblem and brand too.

When would you use the - symbol in excel?

We use symbols in excel when we need to add a symbol of copyright, trademark symbols, and Unicode symbols etc.

Should a period be placed before or after trademark symbol if trademark comes at end of a sentence?

The trademark symbol is part of the name and should not be separated from it; the period would come after it.

What is the trademark symbol for Sony Ericsson?


Should a comma be placed before or after registered trademark symbol?

The trademark symbol is part of a name and as such must not be separated from the name. Therefore, a comma would follow the symbol.

What is iy called when a company buyes a name and no one else can use this name?

What you are describing is a trademark. A trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, logo, design or image. Companies do not buy the trademark but register it so no one else can use it without their permission.

How do you get the trademark symbol?

To add the trademark symbol in html (™) you can call the HTML entity. To do this, you add an ampersand followed either by the entities name, or it's number, and then a semicolon. Trademark is represented either by ™ or &#8482. If you want the registered trademark symbol (®) you can use either ® or ® So... <h1>Answers®</h1> Would give a line similar to the logo in the banner on this page.

Is American Idol a trademark?

Yes The show is protected and the American Idol symbol is a Trademark

Does a trademark need to be registered before using the trademark symbol TM?

No. Actually, the superscript TM is for designating trademarks in the US that have not yet been registered with the USPTO. If/when you get the trademark registered with the USPTO, you would use the ® instead.

What is the Tiffany and Co trademark symbol?


Does the R in circle go before or after name for trademark?

The 'R' symbol goes after the trademark or logo.

What is the difference between a symbol and a logo?

A logo is a symbol that is also a registered trademark.

Is using the trademark symbol on something you created without a patent illegal?

The circle-R ® registered trademark symbol can only legally be used on a trademark that is federally registered. Many non-registered brands use "tm" or "sm" (for service marks) to indicate a claim to the value of the brand. Patents have nothing to do with it.

Where can one find the US trademark symbol?

One can find the US trademark symbol from the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) database for free. One alternative you can do is to hire an attorney to make the search for you.

How do you make the r trademark on Microsoft word?

Typing (r) should autocorrect to the registered trademark symbol.

What protects a products name from being used by others?

Trademark. The trademark law prevents companies from stealing a product name. The Trademark Symbol -- > ™