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Do you have to use your work insurance as your primary?


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2015-07-15 21:40:38
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Yes. If you are working are you STILL eligible to be on your dads coverage?

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If your daughter is listed on your insurance policy and a premium is being collected for her, then she can use your insurance. If not, she will need to use her insurance policy at work.

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Primary insurance agency, these people will take care of you and it's not pricey and they are willing to work with anyone's budget.

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It the wife has her husband on her work insurance plan than that is his primary insurance. If he is not covered on her plan then he would need to buy his own insurance. Once he gets on Medicare that would become his primary insurance. If his wife is still working once he gets on Medicare the primary carrier is determined by how many people work for her company. If there are less than 100 employees then Medicare would be primary.

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