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Do you have to varnish new furniture or is stain enough?

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New unfinished furniture can be finished many ways. the answer your question will be determined by how you want the furniture to look, how much protection will the wood need against weather exposure ( indoors or outdoors) and how much time you are willing to put into the finish work. Stain by itself usually will not be enough unless the product you choose is a finish that has stain included in the mix.

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Why do you need to sand a hardwood floor first before applying stain and varnish?

Wood stain MUST penetrate the grain of the wood or it doesn't color. clear coats like Varnish or Urethaneare designed to seal over the stain "color" & keep the wood from being "stained" by all the dirt & spills it endures over time. If you don't sand the old finish off evenly it will keep the new stain from penetrating and it will also allow the stain to penetrate in areas where the old varnish was worn or damaged but not in others making the new stain blotchy & uneven. A good quality urethane is far better and easier to apply than Varnish. .

Is it easy to refinish a piece of wood furniture?

To refinish a piece of furniture you can sand it down and then apply an even coat of varnish to it. It will seal it nicely and look like it's brand new.

How do you get emulsion paint off carpet?

I spilled some stain/varnish on my carpeting...gently scraped it with a razor and then a comb and then stean cleaned it.....good as new....

How do you use varnish in a sentence?

Varnish is a product for applying a protective coating to woods etc so... I need to Varnish my new bookcase.

How do you paint old furniture?

Repainting furniture (or repainting anything) requires removal of the old paint before applying new paint, because old, flaking paint will continue to flake, even if a new coat is painted on top of it, and the new paint will then be flaking off along with the old. You might also want to use polyurethane varnish rather than paint, if you have wood furniture.

Where i can find courts furniture?

Courts Furniture is a major furniture store that is located in the Caribbean. There is one Courts Furniture store located in Brooklyn, New York, but not enough information is listed to figure out if they are affiliated with the Courts Furniture chain located in the Caribbean.

How do you get gel nail varnish of?

Use sunflower oil or nail varnish remover. Personally I would recommend nail varnish remover. WARNING! Always take old nail varnish off before putting new on.

Can I rehabilitate my wooden patio furniture?

Depending on how worn out your furniture is, it might be worth it to sand it down and stain it all over again. If it is really bad, then you should probably just go ahead and buy a whole new set.

Will sanding the old stain off a maple piece of furniture work if wanting to stain a new color?

In order to stain your filing cabinet a new color you will have to prepare it first. You will have to strip the old finish off and then sand the wood and prime it so it is ready to accept the new color. If you don't want to do all of the prep work you could look for a primer paint and then an oak color and try painting over it, but it will not look nearly as nice as it will if you strip it, prepare it and stain it.

How to stain furniture to a darker finish?

Strip off the old clear coat finish with either a liquid or gel stripper. Clean the surface with alcohol. Once dry, try a small amount of the new, darker stain on an inconspicuous area to check for proper color. Once determined, apply the new stain (preferably an oil-based stain). When the stain is thoroughly dry (1-2 days), apply several coats of clear finish. Let dry and you're done.

What type of paint should you use on outside wooden furniture?

Any good quality exterior grade paint will work on outdoor furniture. I suggest a good primer on bare wood, to help the top coat bond and properly seal the wood. Many people prefer the look of stain on wooden furniture and it is an option, however, stains generally require more maintenance (re-staining, and/or top coating with a poly or varnish). If you live in an area that gets hard winters, it is advisable to bring your painted or stained wooden outdoor furniture into a garage or shed for the worst of the weather. If you can not bring it in, you could wrap the furniture to protect it. In either case, when preparing the furniture for a new summer season, an inspection of the finish is advised. Treat cracks, wear and damage as soon as you notice it and your outdoor furniture will look good and last longer.

How To Revitalise Old Furniture With Furniture Cleaning?

If your home’s furniture is looking faded and dingy, consider getting it cleaned instead of replacing it. Furniture cleaning can make old furniture look as good as new. The costs of furniture cleaning are insignificant when compared to the costs of replacing all of your furniture. Whether you just want to remove a small spot or have an antique piece professionally treated, here are tips to help you with your furniture cleaning. Treat Small Stains Yourself If there is a small stain on your couch or chair, you can usually clean it yourself. Always test a small, hidden piece of the fabric with your cleaning agent before you begin cleaning the stain. Let the test spot sit for a while to make sure that there is no discoloration. Sometimes, you can completely remove the cover from the cushion. This makes the furniture cleaning process much easier. If you cannot get the stain out, see if there is a furniture cleaning specialist in your area. Ask An Expert For Assistance If you want to clean a whole piece, you might want to consult with a local furniture cleaning service. This is especially important if you want a valuable piece cleaned. You do not want to use harsh chemicals on delicate fabrics. Your piece could be ruined, and then you would need to replace it. For pieces that you cannot replace because of their age or sentimental value, spend the extra money and have an expert clean the item for you. Some carpet cleaning companies also clean furniture. Treat Your Furniture With Stain Repellent Once you get your furniture cleaned, keep it clean by treating it with stain repellent. There are several products on the market that you can apply to your furniture to make it stain resistant. If applied properly, a spill will not soak into the fibers of the furniture. You will be able to remove it quickly simply by wiping the spill away. Again, make sure you test a small area of the fabric before applying the solution to the entire piece. The effectiveness of the stain repellent can diminish with time, so you might need to reapply it periodically.

Why would one want to buy used furniture instead of new furniture?

One might want to buy used furniture instead of new furniture for several reasons. For example, used furniture will usually be cheaper than new furniture. Older furniture can also be of better quality than modern furniture.

How much is the voucher that social service gives you for furniture in NJ for your new place?

$800 not enough to get bed and my baby one

Should new buildings be made of recycled material?

yes why not but they should be a bit strong to hold enough people and furniture!

How To Keep White Furniture Looking New?

While white furniture is great to look at, keeping it stain free can be a headache. To keep your white furniture looking like new, start by wiping it down on a daily basis. This will help prevent any grim from setting into the paint. For homes that have pets, use a lint brush to wipe down the furniture. The lint brush is great for removing pet hair. For stains that are already present, use a small amount of dish liquid and water to wash the furniture.

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There are several stores you can look at to rent office furniture. One such store is Rent to Own. Although, furniture is not like leasing a car and if you can afford it, I'd highly recommend purchasing it. By the time you've paid the rental costs, you will have paid enough to buy the furniture brand new.

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Sent furniture spray from walmart.

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Do you have to stain cedar fences when you get them new?


What can i use to keep our cats from scratching up our new furniture?

Placing double sided on furniture can discourage your cats from scratching up your new furniture.