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You can have sex straight away after a coil is put in but as it is an Intra Uterine CONTRACEPTIVE Device, the only tip to get pregnant is to have it removed.

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Q: Do you have to wait awhile after you get an IUD before sex and what are tips on getting pregnant with an IUD?
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Do you have any tips for getting pregnant fast?

Have lots of unprotected sex? (Although, I advise to make sure that both partners are free of STDs before doing so.)

Can any one give you tips for not getting pregnant?

Don't have sex and/or ALWAYS USE CONTRACEPTION

Helpful tips on getting pregnant?

Many pregnancy related web sites are chock full of helpful tips. One tip that most couples miss is: applying for supplemental health insurance before getting pregnant. When you apply preconception your benefit for normal delivery may triple the premium you pay, creating up to eight weeks of maternity leave income.

What are some websites to get tips for getting pregnant?

The best place to get help in getting pregnant is from your Doctor. If you are having 'successful' sex and are not getting pregnant it could be that there is some hidden problem which is causing a problem, which your doctor will be able to help with and then refer you if you need further tests.

Where can one get tips on getting pregnant?

The best recommended way to get pregnant or conceive is to find out when you are ovulating and try. The days you are ovulating are the days you are most fertile.

Tips on getting pregnant?

There are many web based resources available for help in getting pregnant. One tip that is harder to find, and that many people miss is to buy supplemental health insurance before getting pregnant. It allows you to create maternity leave income, and protects you in case of pregnancy/delivery complications, premature birth, accidents and illnesses. Once you conceive, you can no longer get coverage.

Where can one find tips and ideas for getting pregnant quickly?

Both the BabyCenter website and WebMD have some great tips for people who are trying to get pregnant quickly. A doctor or OB/GYN could also advise you. The best advice? To relax.

Good tips for pregnant?

Pregnancy and child birth can be expensive. Make sure you have the right insurance programs in place before getting pregnant. These pages are full of questions about how to get coverage AFTER getting pregnant. There are no good answers. In addition to having major medical coverage, supplemental health insurance can help you create maternity leave pay, and protect your income in case of pregnancy/delivery complications.

Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

Tips on how to get pregnant?

Well, uhhh you know!!!!

Can I get tips on my pregnant cat?

Okay okay, Im sorry for not adopting kittens. It was an accident, I adopted two kittens and the male mated before he could get fixed. Any tips on how to care for my pregnant female? I know shes pregnant because her nipples are swolen and pink, her belly is big, and she eats a lot more. HELP!

What are good tips for preganant women?

One of the main tips that a pregnant person can do is to eat healthy.

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