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No, you do not have to wear a 'wedding dress' on your wedding day. Many women choose not to wear a traditional dress when they get married.

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Yes, you need to wear wedding dress on your special moment. If you need to buy wedding dresses. Just try to use JJsHouse APP.

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Q: Do you have to wear a wedding dress on your wedding day?
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What if you don't wear a dress on your wedding day?

Then you don't wear a dress. No big deal.

Can you wear a red dress at a wedding?

That is a tradition of Chinese people on their wedding day. But i t is the bride to wear a red dress with the development of economy and culture there is no limit to this , so i think you can wear a red dress at a wedding .

Should a boy wear a wedding dress on his wedding and the girl wear a wedding dress to?

If it has been agreed upon by both parties there is no reason why a boy cannot wear a wedding dress to his weddingln a traditional wedding with the boy in a suit or tux and the girl in a dressIt dippens what theme is on the wedding day.

What kind of a dress do you wear to a wedding?

A female guest of the wedding can wear a dress or pantsuit. The length of the dress depends on how formal of a wedding. It is customary to not wear the color white.

What do Muslim bride wear on there wedding day?

Muslim Brides can wear any dress they want .

How would you dress for your wedding?

I would wear a wedding dress that fits and suits ME!

Is it bad etiquette to wear a gold wedding dress?

Traditionally a bride wear's a white wedding dress but wedding dresses can be in any color. Expressing your creativity and uniqueness on your big day is very important. For more information about wedding etiquette go to

What color dress did lily wear to her wedding?

She wore a red dress in her wedding with Rufus.

What is inappropriate to wear at a wedding?

If you're not the bride - a wedding dress.

Can I wear a white dress to a wedding?

Normally, you should not wear a white dress to a wedding as that is said to take the attention away from the bride.

What occasions do you wear a white dress to?

a wedding

What to wear to a garden wedding?

A Summer Dress

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