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You should wear tanning lotion when on a tanning bed because these lotions that you buy at the salon help you absorb the tan better.

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The best tanning bed lotion is not the cheapest one. On the whole it is true that you get what you pay for with these products. A good compromise is Paint It Black 50x Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion, which retails at around $17.

The effects of regular suntan lotion on a tanning bed are harmful. The acrylic hoods are porous and expand when the bulbs heat up.

One can use any lotion they want in a tanning bed including Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil. It is recommended for the safety and prevention of skin cancer to use a lotion designed for tanning beds that have a high concentration of SPF.

use a tanning lotion or try a different bed.

the Black made by Designer Skin

use a tanning lotion or try a different bed

Yes it is because a tanning bed will further dry your skin. I would ask a dermatologist or the people at the tanning bed you use to recommend the best lotions for your skin type.

I would not recommend it. I have done it before and burned quite badly. I would ask an attendant before getting in without lotion on.

Depends on how dark you want to be. A good tried and true long lasting staple is any Banana Boat lotion. Most tanning salons offer lotions and tanning bronzers.

20-30 minutes. Depending on if you used lotion with tingler or bronzer.

You don't necessarily have to use a tanning lotion, however many will highly recommend it. Tanning lotions help you to get a darker color faster, plus if you go in a tanning bed with dry skin, 60% of the rays are bouncing off of you, so that's money wasted. On top of that tanning lotions have a lot of vitamins and minerals that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

The Tanning Industry is comprised of a group of companies and individuals that contribute to indoor tanning. These groups include but are not limited to; tanning lotion manufacturer's, tanning bed manufacturer's, tanning accessories manufacturer's, tanning product distributors, and tanning salon owners.

You shouldn't ever go into a tanning bed without lotion. You won't tan nearly as fast and you age your skin 10x faster and you'll burn more easily. If you aren't going to use lotion, I'd say don't tan at all.

Tanning lotion is to prevent tanning from sun. Tanning is caused due to exposure to sun rays. Anti tan lotion helps in reducing melanin in the skin.

yes, but be aware that almost all indoor tanning lotions lack spf.

Tanning beds can instantly relax any person from a hard day’s work. In addition to having the great ability to put people at ease and relaxation, tanning beds give people a nice, bronze glow that looks great. People with light skin can benefit from getting a nice tan with the use of tanning beds. Many people want to try out a tanning bed, but do not know what using a tanning bed entails or the protocol for using a tanning bed. This article will discuss tips one should remember in order to get the best tan possible with tanning beds. First off, it is imperative that you choose the correct amount of time to tan in a tanning bed. If it is your first time every tanning and you have light skin, then it is a good idea to error on the side of caution and tan for only 5 to 8 minutes. You do not want to become burned after your first time using a tanning bed! If you have olive skin and can easily tan, then you may want to choose doing a few extra minutes. You also do not want to get nothing out of your tanning session. Second, it is important to have some sort of tanning lotion you can apply before using the bed. Tanning lotion definitely helps one’s skin in being able to absorb color. There are all sorts of tanning lotions one can choose from for use with a tanning bed. The key is to pick a tanning lotion you think will help give you the best color. Be sure to read the label and make sure what tone of skin the lotion is intended for. It is very important to purchase the right kind of tanning lotion to use with your tanning bed. Lastly, it is a good idea to tan without clothes on in a tanning bed. This way, your tan will be completely even. All too often, people may feel uncomfortable and wear certain articles of clothing in a tanning bed. The only problem with this is that their tans become very uneven. Overall, if you remember these tips then you’ll get the best tan!

Yes! You should always wear goggles to protect your eyes. The lights in a tanning bed can damage them very easily regardless of whether or not there is a face tanning system.

You can get a tan in a few ways. The most popular way to get a tan is to lay out in the sun. Some other ways to get a tan is, using a tanning bed, a tanning lotion, or tanning spray.

Tanning beds mainly use a group of flourescent bulbs in order to create a wave of ultraviolet rays to tan a person's skin. You will find Tanning beds mainly in tanning salons and they are different from sunlight tanning. It is always secure to use a tanning bed in which the special tanning lotion has been applied which is made only for tanning beds with proper gears. So it is always best to use those taning lotions. Apart from those may cause harm. Hope this helps.

Nope! Tanning lotions work by being activated by UV light, so whether your indoor tanning or outdoor tanning, you can still use a tanning lotion. Using a lotion specifically for tanning will dramatically help boost your color to get darker faster, plus it has a lot of vitamins and minerals to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

bathing suit, or nothing if you please.

You can buy tanning lotion at your local tanning salon or walmart has a good brand that ranks for about 9 dollars.

yes, just be sure that it is an indoor tanning lotion

Indoor tanning lotion is going to help increase the melanin production in your skin which in turn helps you tan faster. If you don't use lotion before getting into a tanning bed, you're (dry) skin will reflect the UV light for the first 6-8 minutes you're in the bed. Some tanning lotions include bronzers, which show a little extra added 'fake' color right away, while others have a lot of skin care ingredients to take care of your skin while tanning. Choose an indoor tanning lotion with alot of vitamins and minerals, as these are depleted when you tan. Using better lotion helps you tan faster and keeps your skin healthy.