Do you have to wear the pink ribbon on your chest?

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yes, scientifically it shows that you care about the cure for Breast Cancer!!!It shows that you care about 1/2 the women in the US who will get Breast Cancer sometime in their lifetime. Go to for more information!!
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Faith's pink ribbons are an example of a?

In Young Goodman Brown, Faith's pink ribbons are symbolic of herinnocence and purity. The pink she wears is a stark contrast to thedark clothes worn by the Puritans and, more

Faith's pink ribbon are an example of a?

A pink ribbon is a symbol of breast cancer awareness. People wearthem to show support or to let people know that they are asurvivor.

What do faith's pink ribbons represent?

I think they represent her "innocence" and "faith" , because when she converted they fell from the sky ,, which means that she lost her innocence and her faith ..

How can you get pink ribbons?

You can more than likely find them at some of your local arts and supplies stores, drug stores, office supplies store, or probably even supermarkets.
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When is Pink Ribbon day celebrated?

Pink Ribbon Day changes every year. It is held during cancer awareness month and all of the money raised is donated to helping find a cure for cancer.
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What is the purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon?

The purpose of the breast cancer pink ribbon is to raise awareness about breast cancer. The ribbons are a reminder to everyone to remember that breast cancer effects many peo