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is he a part of the child's life? if yes then you may depends on your state laws,but if he wants to be there you should be happy that will help yu out and give you some time to yourself with is golden when you have kids

Even if you were never married, the father could petition the court at any time to establish paternity. Once paternity has been established, then he has the right to file for custody/visitation. Of course, he will also have the obligation to financially provide for the child.

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Q: Do you have to worry about the father of your baby trying to get custody if you are unmarried?
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The father of your daughter doesn't pay child support for the first year of her life and hardly seen her can he still get custody?

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Single mother with sole legal and physical custody of child looking to move out of state what are the laws?

Visit or call your local family court to find out when you can speak to someone there. When I was considering moving out of state (I'm unmarried, my child's father is on the birth cert), I spoke with a liaison at our local courthouse who told me I was well within my rights to move anywhere in the country *until a judge says otherwise.* If a judge has granted full custody, you need not worry. If you have "assumed" custody (i.e., you were never married to the father and the matter has *not* been in court), or if there are pending family court issues I *definitely* recommend going to the courthouse and speaking with someone there.

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