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Do you have to write when you're a police officer?


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Absolutely. A police officer has to write reports all the time on all the things he does. Accidents, tickets, arrests, investigations of crimes - everything. You've see lots of cop shows on TV, and you've seen the officer sitting in the witness chair being asked questions by an attorney. That attorney has a copy of the officers investigative report. If it isn't well written, the ride may get a bit bumpy in that chair, and it doesn't have a seat belt in it. Any time an officer does that "serve and protect" thing, he has to document it. Taking the statement of a witness or writing a description of the position of the vehicles you saw as you arrived at the scene of an accident - whatever it is, you'll have to write it up. Good grammar and syntax are a must here. So is proper usage, and correct spelling and punctuation. All those things you learn through high school in your writing classes will be put to the test. Everything.