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Yes you do have upthrust on the ground but only a littile amount.For example,when a car is on the ground there is a small amount of upthrust on the ground making sure the car doesn't sink and fall into the road(the earth)

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How is upthrust bad?

Upthrust, I don't understand what you mean...

Is upthrust a contact force?

Upthrust is a Contact Force. :)

Is upthrust a scalar quantity?

upthrust is a scalar or vector

What happens to an object if the weight is bigger than the upthrust?

The object will sink, fall, drop, or if it is on the ground it will stay there and not go up.

What is upthrust in water?

Upthrust is a force that pushes anything up. Upthrust in water means a force in water that keeps the swimmer up.

How much upthrust does the buoyancy aid provide?

it provides 30 upthrust .

How does density and upthrust compare in size?

Density and upthrust are similar in size.

What does upthrust maen?

upthrust means the force that keeps the force up

How does weight and upthrust compare in size?

Upthrust cancels weight out, weight is there but you do not feel it.

What is the SI unit of upthrust?

Pascal is the s.i unit of upthrust

Is upthrust a contact or non-contact force?

Upthrust is a contact force :)

What are the forces of weight and upthrust?

Weight is your mass and upthrust is the force that pushes you up in water.

What is the difference between upthrust and thrust?

Upthrust is how buoyant the object is in the water and thrust is in the air

What are the factor of upthrust?

upthrust is noting but the power of water that is used to push a thing in water

What is a kid friendly definition of upthrust?

Upthrust is a force that pushes things up in water

Is there upthrust on an aeroplane?

Upthrust,or lift, is created under the wing when the aircraft moves forward.

What causes upthrust?

upthrust=buoyant force=weight of the body immersed in d liquid so gravity and mass is a cause of upthrust as weight of a body=mass* gravity

Is upthrust friction?


What is the formula for calculating upthrust?

upthrust = densiy x volume x gravitaional field strength

What is the difference between force and upthrust?

'Upthrust' is a force."Force" can have any direction. When its direction is upward, then it may bean upthrust ... you'd have to check further and see what's causing the force.

What is the difference between upthrust and buoyancy?

Upthrust and Buoyancy is the same thing there's no difference but upthrust is usually used for liquids or fluids lets say but buoyancy is used for air .

How does upthrust work?

upthrust works by if you put a counter in a jug of waser slowley it should work because gravity and upthrust both together is equal so that's how it works its equal !!!

Can upthrust be greater than weight?

YES...and examples are flying objects! Interestingly,Any liquid or gas produces upthrust. For example, the upthrust of air keeps a hot air balloon up.

Where does upthrust occur?


How do you measure upthrust?