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My periods always just stopped & I had no bleeding in any of my 3 pregnancy's, but I do know you can have some light bleeding from the implantation of the egg. It is not like a period though but most women confuse this bleeding with their periods. It should not last more than 3 days.

Some women do have a period in the beginning of pregnancy, although it is not common and it would be light.

Some women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. They usually also experience implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall

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Q: Do you have your period at the beginning of your pregnancy or does it just stop?
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Can cramps after missed period mean pregnancy?

It could be, if you are sexually active or it could be your period was just late and about to start. If your period is late you can use a Home Pregnancy Test or stop by Planned Parenthood for a test.

Will your period stop during a ectopic pregnancy?

Yes, you are pregnant.

Is there a way to stop your period naturally?

Not unless you count pregnancy.

Can you stop pregnancy when its only 10days after you missed period?


Is there a way to make your period stop?

Get pregnant, you won't have a period through the pregnancy, or get a hysterectomy.

What if you get your period but have all of the other symptoms of pregnancy?

stop worrying! If you are bleeding, very low chance of pregnancy

Can 1 you-pill stop pregnancy?

No the morning after pill can't hurt or stop a pregnancy. Just prevent.

Can you be pregnant for 3 months and only then stop your period and get pregnancy symptoms?

I think you can, because my friend"s mom had her period all the time of pregnancy!

How can you stop the pregnancy of your wife?

You stop pregnancy of wife either by:using condoms orthe wife can use special tablets to prevent pregnancy, orthrough masking sexual intercourse is safe non-pregnancy period.

Is there a chance of pregnancy if your period is 14 days early and you were with your boyfriend a day before?

14 days early would not indicate pregnancy, but it could be an implantation bleed, or it could be caused by sex or just an early period, I would go and see the doctor if it doesnt stop in the normal period time or take a home pregnancy test when your period is due.

How can you stop your period on the first day?

There is no way to stop a menstrual period once it has started. The only time it stops is when there are health issues, pregnancy or Menopause.

How many days after your period is over can you do a pregnancy test?

you can take the test theday you stop.

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