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Yes, that is mostly true for male pattern baldness. We were all taught this in high school Biology class, that the gene for baldness is carried on the X chromosome, which means it comes from Mom's side of the family. A 2005 study from Germany confirmed this long held assumption countering a recent tide of assertions that this is no more than an old wives tale. There are, however, some forms of baldness that are not genetically linked, which means not all baldness comes from Mom.

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How is the color blindness inherited?

Males inherit the gene from their mothers.

Is baldness a recessive gene?

Yes, and usually from the maternal side of the family.

Has a definite gene for baldness been found?

how might the gene for baldness be transmitted

Is there a chance that a son will have ear hair and his father will not?

yes, because the woman carries the baldness gene. The son would most likely have the same hair patterns as the mothers male family members

How do you know if you're going to be bald?

Your mother carries the baldness gene and you will inherit it from her and I can hear you: Your mother isn't bald. If her father is/ was then there is a chance that you could be.

Is baldness passed from your mother or father?

The gene for baldness is inherited from the mother .

Which parent carries the balding gene?

The father carries the gene for balding. 2nd Answer: It used to be thought that the mother contributed the baldness gene, but lately, the thinking is that both parents may contribute to their offsprings' baldness.

Why are you the only one in your family with green eyes?

It was probably a dormant/recessive gene that your parents had and you just happened to inherit that particular eye gene.

Gene Kelly's role in Inherit The Wind?

Gene Kelly played as E.K. Hornbeck, the news reporter, in the 1960 movie, Inherit the Wind.

What parent carries the genes for baldness?

It used to be thought that the mother carried the gene for baldness, but lately, genetisists think that both parents may contribute.

Why you inherit two alleles for each gene?

You inherit two alleles from each parent. :)

What genetics do you inherit?

you inherit the dominant gene from your parents, you can find this out by doing a punnent square

Do children inherit their hair gene from mother?

Children inherit all of their genes from both their mother and their father, half the genes from each. This includes the hair gene.

Why must males inherit color blindness or hemophilia from their mothers?

Hemophilia and color blindness are X-linked traits so that males have only one copy of the gene in question and that is from their mother.

How does a person inherit a trait such as hair texture?

I think it's just a gene you inherit like any other

What type of inheritance can get Huntington disease?

HD is transmitted from parent to child on a dominant gene. If a parent has HD, the odds are 50-50 that any child of that parent will inherit the gene for HD. If you do NOT inherit the gene, then it cannot be passed to other generations.

How do you heal baldness?

Alopecia is the most common cause of baldness. The gene can be inherited from either your mother's or father's side of the family, though you're more likely to have it if both of your parents had hair loss. There are also good hair supplements out there like Reloxe that could help people with hair loss problem.

How can a lethal gene be passed from one generation to the other?

If the lethal gene is recessive, and the parent carrying it is heterozygous for that gene, it can be passed down to offspring in the recessive form. If the mate of the parent happens to be carrying the same gene heterozygously, 50% of offspring will be expected to inherit the recessive lethal gene heterozygously. 25% of the offspring will be expected to inherit the lethal gene homozygously, leading to death. The remaining 25% of offspring we will expect to homozygously inherit the non-lethal gene. 1:2:1 ratio

Can someone be a carrier for huntington's disease?

No. HD is carried on a dominant gene. If you do not inherit that gene, you will not have HD, and cannot transmit the gene to your children- you do not have it to transmit.

How does a person usually inherit cystic fibrosis?

People or children usually inherit cystic fibrosi through a faulty gene.

Is baldness quickened by hair length or long hair?

No. Since hair grows from the root, the length of the hair makes no difference. Baldness is caused by a number of factors which are only partially understood; but the primary one is genetics.Because the main gene that determines baldness is located on the X chromosome, men (who only have one copy of that gene, good or bad) are far more likely to be affected by baldness. And in general, men wear their hair much shorter than women do.

Example of a single gene trait?

an example of a single gene trait is like if you have your mothers eyes...

Who can inherit hemophilia?

Anyone can inherit hemophilia. In most cases, it is a man whose mother is a carrier of the disease. It is extremely rare for a woman to have hemophilia but it is not uncommon for one to be a carrier. It is even possible for someone whose family has no record of hemophilia to get it through gene mutations.

Why is pattern baldness more common in men than women?

pattern baldness is an X-linked recessive gene. Since men only have one X chromosome (XY) and females have two X chromosomes (XX) it is easier for men to no posses the dominant trait that prevents pattern baldness.

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