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Yes basically YES... If there are other problem then you would know it by now. Engine crack, etc...

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What are the signs of a cracked radiator?

Leaking and overheating from lack of pressure.

What caused cracked or checked brake drums?

Overheating, and rapid cooling.

What would make fuel blow out of the radiator when you take off the radiator cap?

Either a blown head gasket, or more specifically a cracked head due to overheating. This allows fuel to escape the cylinder into the cooling system.

Nissan Frontier overheating?

A Nissan Frontier may be overheating because the radiator is cracked. A thermostat failure can also cause it to overheat.

Why is transmission fluid in the coolant in your 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

The radiator has a transmission cooling tank in it. Evidently the tank has cracked. You may have a crack in your radiator your transmission cooling line runnz in your radiator good luck

What happens if you have a cracked radiator?

you are most likely leaking coolant and if your car should be overheating in a short period of time.

What causes a cracked head in your car?

there can be several reasons, however it is usually due to overheating and/or sudden cooling --- such as overheating the engine and then pouring cold water into the radiator, etc. Occasionally, the engine manufacturer may have a flaw in the head casting or too thin metal, etc that will cause it to crack too.

1996 Monte Carlo radiator cracked on top.Can I continue to drive without relpacing now?

Is it leaking? Is vehicle overheating?

What condition MAY occur if a radiator cap with too high a pressure rating were used?

cracked radiator tank cracked expansion tank or blown hoses or water pump but the car has to have some kind of overheating problem to begin with

What are the symptoms of a cracked head gasket on a 05 ford f250?

Overheating, oil in the water of radiator, water in the oil. Less power.

How do you know if you have a cracked radiator?

A cracked radiator can not be fixed. A cracked radiator needs to be replaced . A mechanic can replace one in a few hours.

Can you get oil in your coolant system?

Yes you can. You could have a cracked head or engine block. In some cases the head gasket or intake gasket could be defective. Also check to see if your transmission fluid is low as the fluid passes through the radiator for cooling. If the cooling tank is cracked then it can enter the radiator.

What causes transmission fluid to leak into radiator?

Cracked radiator end caps since the tranny fluid runs goes threw the caps for cooling that is the only way tranny fluid can get in the radiator

My'95 Saturn SC1 was overheating all the oil was in the radiator no water was in the oil I flushed it however the oil continues to build in the radiator Is this a head gasket problem?

sounds like you have a cracked head or cracked block.however, i would check to make sure it is not transmission oil and thereby ruling out a radiator problem

Is it necessary to fix motor mounts?

Depending on the vehicle, the cooling fan may strike the radiator shroud, the cooling fan may also strike a radiator hose and you may end up with a cracked/leaky exhaust system.

Causes of engine overheating?

There are multiple causes. Bad thermostat no antifreeze in the radiator blown head gasket leak some where in the cooling system. cracked block warped heads. if you need to know more email me with more info on the car and ill be glad to help

We Have a 88 Honda accord lx that keeps overheating have changed thermostats and checked timing belt replaced radiator and checked cooling fans still overheats?

If you replaced some of theses already ignore and go down the line # Not enough coolant # Water pump drivebelt defective or out of adjustment # Radiator core blocked or grille restricted # Thermostat faulty # Electric cooling fans blades broken or cracked # Radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure # Ignition timing incorrect

What causes radiator to spurt water out while engine is running?

A hole in the radiator would do that, or a damaged radiator cap. It could be a cracked engine block that is allowing cylinder pressure into the cooling system, pressurizing the water until it breaks through a weak spot in the radiator.

Why is my 2003 Oldsmobile alero overheating?

This can be caused by a number of things. # A shortage of coolant # faulty thermostat # faulty radiator cap # a blocked radiator # faulty water pump # faulty fan # leaky hoses # cracked head or block.

What are causes of overheating on your ford sierra engine?

One common cause is when you need antifreeze fluid for your radiator. Often times, the liquid becomes completely used and that is when your engine heats up, which could further result in a cracked radiator.

Where can transmission fluid leak from in a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

It can leak from the front seal, or the cooling lines that run to the radiator. Or it could leak from a cracked case.

What happens when you have water in the radiator without antifreze and it freezes?

When water freezes to ice it expands with extreme force. The result will be a cracked block, pushed out freeze plugs, damaged radiator, cracked water pump, heater core, everything cooling system related risks being damaged.

Why is a 1999 Chevy Cavalier still overheating after the water pump heater core and temp sensor have been changed and flushing the radiator?

blowed head gasket or cracked head

Why is the 2000 intrepid overheating?

There are many different reasons why a 2000 Intrepid could be overheating. It could be that the radiator hoses are bad, or the block is cracked, or the water pump is malfunctioning. It could also be as small as a hose clamp not being tight, or a thermostat sticking.

Why your car over heats?

Vehicle engine overheating can be caused by several factors:Loss of coolantstuck or damaged thermostatplugged radiatorinsufficient air across the fan (failed radiator fan or radiator plugged by debris)failed water pumpfailed head gasketcracked headimproper ignition timing (although rare and seldom causes severe overheating)Unfortunately, an overheating engine isn't always caused by the same thing.