Donkeys and Mules

Do you keep male donkeys separate from pregnant donkeys?


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You should, to ensure that the male (if he is intact) will not try to mate with the Jenny. Some donkeys and horses are aggressive to the females while mating.


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Until the baby is big enough not to be injured by the male

Yes you do, and you should keep her separate from male pigs for a few months because getting pregnant again can harm her.

Once you see that the pregnant female is larger you should separate the male from the female

From male and female donkeys.

No the male will eat them keep them separate them until they can't fit in the mouth of the goldfish.

No, not all donkeys are female. There are both male and female donkeys. Donkeys reproduce by breeding with other donkeys. Mules and hinnies are a cross breed between donkeys and horses. If you breed a female horse and a male donkey, you get a mule. If you breed a female donkey and a male horse, you get a hinny.

He gets abused. You have to separate them at this point.

If your hamster is a syrian then after the hamsters have mates, yes, you do have to separate them.

They can get pregnant again, immediately after they give birth. So if you don't want more baby rats, keep the male rat in a separate cage when the mother is giving birth.

My friend kept her male and female piggys together when the female was pregnant, and it seemed fine. If they're getting along, you can probably keep them together, if they're having problems, separate them. However, remove the male as soon as the female has the babies.

Do NOT separate the male mouse especially if he is the father to the babies and has been living with the female. He is a great parent as long as they have been living together for some time and he will greatly help with the raising of the babies

No. Donkeys like all other mammals engage in sexual reproduction, which requires both a male and a female.

Yes, it is best to separate a pregnant female rabbit from the rest of the rabbits.

Sometimes this is only necessary to protect the pregnant sheep from harm from the male. Bucks and does should NEVER be kept together.

If its a dwarf hamster, you can choose if you want the male to stay. If its a syrian hamster you can give the male away.

Yes or the female rabbit will be pregnant constantly and the male rabbit MAY eat the babies.

Keep them in separate cages. If the female is pregnant, she will need a quiet place, with her cage some distance away from the male. Yes male and females can fight i have a male and female, THEY ARE DEFFINATLY MALE AND FEMALE and they fight they don't like each other at all its just what happens unfortunatly..

This occurs when the female is pregnant and not making a nest for its young. The male is doing it for her to keep the babies warm.. When the Female bunny has its young you have to separate the male into another cage for about a month at least. If you don't do this the female can get pregnant again because females can get pregnant again within 24 hours. That can cause some trouble to the babies and the female. Hope this helps...

well it can but not if your female is pregnant coz the female wouldn't want to mate nd she would atack the male so if your female is pregnant separate them

Male mules or donkeys are known as Jacks.

Intact male donkeys are called Jacks.

yes you need to separate them other wise after the female has had her babys she will be able to breed straight after shes had them

Um... At least a month and a half. If the male is showing signs of aggression toward the babies you should keep the male in a separate cage.

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