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Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

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Q: Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?
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With an above ground pool is it ok to run filter with cover on pool?

Generally, that should not be a problem.

What do you do about your above ground pool while you are on vacation. Do you cover and not worry about the pump - its only for 4 days?

I clean my filter and skimmer basket and leave my pump running. I do not cover my pool. I guess it could depend on the weather in your area and if you have a problem with leaves getting in your pool.

Does an above ground pool with a blue solar cover on heat better with the filter on or off?

To evenly distribute the water and mix the cold with the warm the pump should be on.

Hard cover for intex above ground pool?


Where is the PCV valve on a 1989 F-150?

Look on the valve cover. There is a small hose running from the air filter cover to it.

How do you change cabin filter in 2001 passat?

remove the whole plastic panel above battery,and cover above cabin filter on opposite side to driver

Do you still need to cover a totally drained above ground pool?

Above-ground pools are not intended to be totally drained. The walls will collapse.

Is it hard to take care of an above ground pool?

No, its not all that hard to maintain an above ground pool you need a pool cover or a solar cover to keep it away from dust, leaves,trash,etc.

Can you leave your above ground pool closed for summer with the winter cover on it?


How do you put a cover on an above ground pool?

i have an above ground. we found that it is much better to put the cover on loose. then use big clamps to keep it from blowing off. we have a 18 foot. we have 12 clamps on it.hope this helps

Do above ground pools with filters running attract mosquitoes even when covered when not in use?

NO but if water is standing on the cover that will allow mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes need still unchlorined water for the eggs to hatch

Why does oil leak down from above your Chevy 350 oil filter even after changing valve cover gaskets?

If it's not coming from the valve cover gaskets, could be from the rear rail of the intake manifold, or maybe it's from the oil filter seal, or possibly the pipe plug above the oil filter.