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Do you like buttered toast?

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I LOVE IT!!!!!!


If it's on whole wheat bread.


I'm lactose intolerant.


Yeah. It's good with jelly too.


I wouldn't eat toast without it!


Only if the toast is toasted.


Not if the toast is burnt.


Yes, I do like buttered toast.




Yes! Do you like green eggs and ham?


Actually I have a special way of putting butter on. First, without toasting the bread I put on lots of butter to cover the whole toast then I toast it then I put more butter on but not as much as before. Yh it tastes good and yh it doesn't break the toaster.

Yes, very much.

Yeah, sometimes. Others I know can't stand it!

Yes. But I prefer to butter the bread - a hand cut (and thick!) slice of sheephearder's bread - and toast it in a pan on the range. A nice light golden color. It's worth the extra effort! Sprinkle on some cheese if you've a mind to. And a toaster oven will work, too!

Yes, any kind of bread and with plain butter or jelly or cheese or a poached egg or cinnamon sugar (that one is on a winter evening with a cup of Hot Chocolate)

put bread in a toaster

AnswerI'm eating some right now YUM if its on sourdough

its good but high in fat.

YES I LOVE IT!It is best with cheese. Cheese makes you happy.
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Does buttered toast always land on the side with the butter on it?

No, the odds are 50/50 that the toast will land with the buttered side up.

Does buttered toast always land toast side up?


What is a common snack in the uk?

buttered toast

Who invented buttered toast?

George Washington.

How many kilojoules does a piece of buttered toast have?

how many kjs in toast=how big a donkeys dick is :)

Because of torque and the height of most tables how is buttered toast most likely to land?

buttered side down

What hair dye has the buttered toast colour?

Ejaculative Jue

Does toast always fall with the buttered side down?


What is Meaghan Martins favorite food?

baloney salad and buttered toast

How do you make buttered toast?

You put bread in the toaster and when it pops out you butter it.

How many calories are in 2 pieces of wheat toast?

200. 400 buttered.

How come every time you drop a salted peanut it goes under the settee?

It's called Sod's Law or the Law of Cussedness. This law also applies to buttered toast. Every time you drop a slice of buttered toast it lands butter side down.

Can you reheat a buttered toast?

Once it has butter on it you should not put it back in toaster-use microwave instead to warm.

If superstitions were true then what would happen if you tied a piece of buttered toast to a cats back and dropped it?

This isn't really a superstition. It is said that a cat always lands with his feet on the ground (not true, by the way), and it is said that when you drop a piece of buttered toast it always lands butter side down (not true either). So if you tied a piece of buttered toast butter side up to a cat, the cat would of course spin all the way down. It's a joke, not a superstition.

Do you need to refrigerate buttered toast?

No. It would sink and freeze the butter. It is best to keep it under a net or in a warm place.

What cracker would you eat with liver pate?

Not a cracker. Liver pate is better served on thinly sliced, buttered toast.

What Is The Ore Of Gold?

Think to yourself..... The ore of gold Gold is a atom ore is a raw substance the ore of gold is buttered toast.

When you have a piece of toast with butter and drop it it always lands on the buttered side while cats seem to always land on their feet so what would happen if you buttered the cat?

You'd probably have an angry feline that would land scratches on your face.

How do you get a stomach ache to go away?

Eat fruits and vegtables, don't eat before you go to bed, don't over eat. For breakfast have cereal or plain toast. For lunch a buttered sandwich. For dinner fruits and toast

What are the advantages of honey?

If you have a sore throat or a cough, honey can help heal it! Honey is a natural food and sweetner. It's great on hot buttered toast.

How does hot buttered popcorn smell like?


What is the recipe for an Alice in Wonderland mixed drink?

It had, in fact, a sort of mixed flavor of cherry tart, custard, pineapple, roast turkey, toffy, and hot buttered toast ;)

Why don't they make already buttered bread?

If you like garlic, you can find garlic bread already buttered in the freezer section of a major grocery store.

What food or dish is named after Wales?

Welsh rarebit (or rabbit) is a rich cheese sauce served on hot buttered toast. Most regions have their own variant (the one I grew up with is nothing like the ones you see in recipe books).

How do you make grilled cheese sandwich?

You make a grilled cheese sandwich by getting one of those toast in a bag things ;D and i put cheese in lightly buttered bread and add it to the toast in a bag then put it in your toaster. wait till its finished and then ENJOY :-)