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Cream Cheese

Do you like cream cheese?

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yes i luv you i really do i want you, do u love me to??? i love you (reply by answering back to your own question)

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Is soft cheese the same as cream cheese?

not really. cream cheese is easier to smooth out, like on bagels.

What can you use instead of cream cheese?

cheese cream or cheese and cream or cream and cheese

What type of cheese is cream cheese made from?

Cream cheese, just like all other cheeses, is made from milk and/or cream. It's the process that determines the type of cheese that is made from the milk and/or cream.

Is Swiss cheese classed as a cream cheese?

NO. It doesn't make sense if Swiss cheese is classified as a cream cheese. It's because cheese is cheese and cream cheese is cream cheese.

Why does cream cheese produce water or that cheese juice?

It happen because. Cream Cheese is like water if you put it under the water it turn in to water It happen because. Cream Cheese is like water if you put it under the water it turn in to water

Is cream cheese the same as Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is a famous city in Pennsylvania where the Declaration of Independence was written. Cream cheese is cheese that's solid and easily spreadable with a butter knife. Philadelphia cream cheese is a Brand of cream cheese. The famous city and cream cheese are not the same. It's like saying Philadelphia cheese steak which was invented in Philadelphia.

What is Neufchatal cheese?

It is a type of cream cheese, like Philidelphia, but French.

Is cream cheese like cottage cheese?

no there is quite a big difference between them

How do you get free melted on trisects cheese cheese?

cheese + Cheese = cheese + cream - Cheese = cheesy cream hahaha

Can you substitute cream cheese spread for cream cheese to make cream cheese frosting?

Yes of course you can!!! If you are using something like Philadelphia (how ever you spell it) it will work just the same... Good luck

Why can cream cheese and non-fat cream cheese still be called cream cheese?

Because it is still cream cheese. The only diffrence...NO FAT!

What is another name for light cream cheese?

Light cream cheese may be known as Diet cream cheese or Less Fat cream cheese. In North America it is called Neufchatel cheese. It has less fat than traditional Cream Cheese.

What is healthier butter or cream cheese?

Cream Cheese

Is cream cheese margarine?

No. Cream cheese is not margarine.

Is cream cheese have meat?

Cream cheese does NOT have meat.

What does durian taste like?

Cream cheese and onions.

Do you like cheese pie?

Cream cheese pie is delicious.GO PIE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you freeze a cream cheese cheese ball?

Cream cheese will separate when defrosted.

What is the historical significance of cream cheese?

The historical significance of cream cheese; cream cheese is very important in today's societty. Without cream cheese, would we have Cheese Cake? No, the answer is that we would NOT have cheese cake if it werent for cream cheese. Would the bagel be half as good without cream cheese? It definatly would not. Cream cheese comes in a variety of flavours; from herb and garlic to strawberry cream! Becuase cream cheese is so fattening, it is one of the many reason there are so many overweight and obese people in the world. So, as you can see, cream cheese is a huge part of society. Without cream cheese, cheese cake would nit exist. I personally could not live without cream cheese.

is cream cheese the same as cream cheese spread?

No. Cream cheese is freshly curdled milk with most of the whey strained off - very mild, creamy taste, not very "cheesy". Cheese spread is a manufactured product a bit like margerine, it might have some cheeese in it somewhere - a bit like spreadable processed cheese (cheese slices - as used for burgers)

What is the difference between Marscapone cheese and cream cheese?

Mascapone cheese is sweet and lighter. Mascapone is more specific to deserts. Cream cheese might be used for heavier foodds like cheesecake, but mascapone is used for lighter items like tirimisu.

Is there a difference between Italian creme cake and Italian cream cheesecake?

cheese cake has cheese, cream cheese cake has cream cheese Obvious

What is the difference between whipped cream cheese and cream cheese?

Whipped cream cheese is just that - whipped, which results in a softer cream cheese, usually used for things such as spreading on bagels, etc. Regular cream cheese comes in blocks, and is also a soft cheese, but not as soft and spreadable as whipped cream cheese. Also, block cream cheese is better for recipes and baking, such as making homemade cheesecake.

Can you substitute cream cheese spread for cream cheese?

Yes, it is

What is vanilla ice cream plus cheese?

Cheese Cream

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