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== == It depends on you.

Some people like fish and some people don't. fish is sexy. is fishes a word? because if you want to say fish is sexy but plural would it be fish are sexy or fishes are sexy? Fishes isn't a word. it's one of those words that just stay the same for plurals, like deer. So it would be fish are sexy. Unless fish is the name of a person. Then fish is sexy works.

And yes, I like fish.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-23 01:19:57
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Q: Do you like fish
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Is Norman foster freemason?

If it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, smells like a fish, has horns like a fish, has legs like a fish and eats grapefruit like a fish--most likely it's a fish.

Is there another fish that does not look like a fish?

There is a fish that does not look like a fish and it is an eel. Jellyfish does not look like a fish and starfish aswell.

What fish taste like?

Fish taste like fish , whatelse

Why do sharks smell like fish?

Sharks smell like fish because they are around fish, they eat fish, and they are fish.

Does fish taste like pork?

Yes fish taste like pork No, it tastes like fish

What is fish look like?

fish are fish

How is a fish different from a seal?

fish are fish and seals are mammals they dont have gills like a fish and dont have scales like a fish

Do snakes like fish?

Snakes like to eat fish as food. Snakes do not like fish as friends or pets.

How is a sting ray a fish?

it a fish because it has gills like a fish and has no hair on it like a mammal and lives in a ocean which makes it kinda like a fish

What do mosquito fish look like?

Mosquito fish are fish that will eat mosquito larva as fast as they can hatch. This is what a female fish looks like: And this is what a male mosquito fish looks like:

What is the Mass state fish?

a star fish is 5 grams and girls are like fish and boy are like girl fish

What do hokie fish look like?

Like a hokie fish

What does cod fish look like?

like a fish obversly

Do betta fish like dirty water?

No, Betta fish like clean, but not sterile water like all fish.

Does cooked pork that's bad taste like fish?

It does not taste like fish more like spoiled fish

Which animal like to eat fish?

Bears and fish eagles are some of the animals that like fish

What does ned not like about one fish two fish red fish blue fish?

Ned is pretending not to like it because his fish is very special to him.

What does fish look like?


How are fish sticks made?

Do you like fish sticks? Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth? YOUR A GAY FISH!! -South Park

Do walking fish like to be alone or with other walkig fish?

fish would like to walk with a nother fish if could walk

What does blue fish look like?

a blue fish looks like a fish that is the color blue STUPID

What do Swai fish look like?

What does a swai fish look like

What does a cod fish look like?

cod fish look like

What is a robotic fish?

A machine that looks like and/or acts like a fish.

What does the Hawaii states fish look like?

they look like fish