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What certificate is Tropic Thunder?

Tropic Thunder is a 15

What is the duration of Tropic Thunder?

The duration of Tropic Thunder is 1.77 hours.

Does Nelly have a song in Tropic Thunder? Enjoy!

When was Tropic Thunder released?

Tropic Thunder was released on 08/13/2008.

What was the Production Budget for Tropic Thunder?

The Production Budget for Tropic Thunder was $90,000,000.

When was Tropic Thunder created?

Tropic Thunder was created on 2008-08-05.

How much money did Tropic Thunder gross worldwide?

Tropic Thunder grossed $188,163,455 worldwide.

How much money did Tropic Thunder gross domestically?

Tropic Thunder grossed $110,461,307 in the domestic market.

When will tropic thunder come on DVD?

Tropic thunder is already out on DVD. It should be at your local movie rental store.

What is the song from Tropic Thunder that Tom Cruise is dancing to?

Low by Flo Rida is the name of the song from Tropic Thunder that Tom Cruise dances to.

What is a funny movie idea that you could make?

something like tropic thunder but in WW2

When does 'Tropic Thunder' come out in theaters?

The movie "Tropic Thunder" comes out in theaters in the US on August 15th, 2008.

What is the difference between tropic thunder and the directers cut?

In the director's cut, there is approx. 10 extra minutes of deleted scenes that are not featured in Tropic Thunder.

What cerification is tropic thunder?


Was Adam Sandler in Tropic Thunder?


How do you shoot tropic thunder?


Who directed the movie 'Tropic Thunder'?

Ben Stiller directed Tropic Thunder. It won one award for Robert Downey Jr. as Best Supporting Actor.

Who directed tropical thunder?

first of all its tropic thunder and ben stiller directed it

Is tropic thunder a real movie?


Did Brad Pitt star in tropic thunder?


Is Ben Stiller in tropic thunder?


Who was the director for tropic thunder?

Ben Stiller

Does Tom Hanks appear in Tropic Thunder?

Tropic Thunder is a 2008 USA action comedy featuring the talents of Ben Stiller. Tom Hanks does not have a role or cameo in this film.

What are the ratings and certificates for Tropic Thunder Rain of Madness - 2008 V?

Tropic Thunder Rain of Madness - 2008 V is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-13

How long is the movie tropic thunder?

107 minutes.