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Q: Do you loose all your teeth and molars?
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How many baby teeth do you loose?

All children loose 20 primary or baby teeth and other people need molars pulled because their mouths don't have enough space.

Do kids loose there meat chewers teeth?

The front teeth are lost and new ones will grow in. The molars just in front are also lost. The back molars are not replaced by other teeth.

Do you pull out your molars?

Yes you pull out all of your teeth and new permanent teeth will come in. By the age of 21 all of your baby teeth will be gone and all of your molars will have erupted.

Do molars grow twice?

Yes. Like all other teeth molars have two sets of teeth. If you loose your first set (Baby teeth) they will grow back into adult teeth. But if your adult teeth fall out (second set) just like other teeth they will not grow back. It is painfull to have teeth missing, but you get used to it.

What are back molars for?

All molars are teeth adapted for crushing and chewing food.

How many teeth does a 9 year old loose?

Varies. He/she will eventually loose all his/her 20 baby teeth. Normally, baby(milk) teeth have the following life:Central incisors : 6-12 monthsLateral incisors : 9-16 monthsFirst molars: 13-19 monthsCanine teeth : 16-23 monthsSecond molars: 22-33 months

Which teeth are supose to fall out?

All of them but your molars.

What teeth are children supposed to lose?

Only The Front Teeth So If They Loose Any Molars You Should Consult A Dentist

Are wisdom teeth molars?

Yes they are. Molars are the big teeth.

Do molars come out?

yes ofcourse because all teeth fall so you have sttrong teeth so molars do come out

How many teeth do they have?

24 they only loose 20 though they keep their back 4 molars

If you have all of your teeth which teeth do you have the most of?

Of bicuspids, incisors, canine and molars, humans have more molars. Excluding the wisdom teeth (tertiary molars), the number of incisors, bicuspids, and molars is the same (8 out of an adult total of 28 teeth). Of the 32 permanent teeth, there are: 8 incisors 4 canine 8 bicuspid (premolars) 12 molars

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