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No if you don't eat your metabolism will shut down. You need to find the right balance of eating and exercising.

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You are insulin resistant you do not however have diabetes If you lose the weight will your insulin resistance go too along with it your chance of developing diabetes

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Q: Do you lose weight really fast by not eating?
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The wrong way to lose weight?

Only eating once a day, only eating one kind of food, only eating really really little in the hopes for fast weight loss would all be examples of poor ways to try to lose weight.

How fast can you lose weight through starvation?

Its not so fast if you weigh under 150lbs about three weeks of not eating to lose 25lbs. You will lose more weight if you weigh more.

How fast will you lose weight eating 300 calories per day?

You will lose weight extremly fast but when you start to eat properly again youl put twice as much on!

Why is eating healthy better than having a eating disorder to lose weight?

Eating healthier and working out guarentees a better body and weight loss. Eating disorders are fast ways to loose weight, but the weight will come back really fast (since you lost it really fast) and messing with your body like that comes will all sorts of health problems that could lead to death. Eating healthy and working out is helping your body to stay healthy and not get all these bad health problems.

How do you lose weight and build muscle fast?

you lose weight and build muscle fast is eating your fruits and runner

How does crystalmeth make you lose weight?

Na, not really, it just makes you forget to eat. It's the not eating that makes you lose weight.

Does eating chalk help you to lose weight?

No. Eating chalk does not help you to lose weight.

John P Kee gained so much weight?

he needs to lose that weight fast my lord stop eating everything in front of you please

Will not eating meat help you lose weight fast?

i think it does but is really bad for you because you will need meat it has a lot proteins and stuff that's needed for your body. if you really want to loose weight fast and want to eat meat just eat a little portion

If you weight 215 pounds how much weight can you lose if you fast for 7 days?

If you weigh 215 pounds and fast for 7 days then you would lose several pounds. However, you would most likely regain weight once you started eating normally again. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to exercise, change your eating habits on a long-term basis, and lose weight slowly and steadily.

If you fast for 5 weeks how much weight should you lose?

depends on your weight and metabolism....but are you talking about fasting as in not eating from sunrise to sunset or not eating at all..people can die from not eating for 2 weeks

What's a good way to lose weight fast?

The great and healthy way to loss weight fast is to lose it through a healthy diet. Eating well and eating smaller portions more frequently is a great way to go. Eating smaller portions more frequently jump starts your metabolism and rapid weight loss is the result.

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