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YES just because your vehicle is not currently being driven or is in a shop because it is not driveable does not mean that you stop paying for the car unless you would like to incur late fees or risk the chance of reposession... if its at dealership, yes... unless you return it or ask for a price reduction... but that would have to be major damage or work

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Q: Do you make payments while your vehicle is being repaired?
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Bank won't release title?

A bank won't release the title to a vehicle until it has been paid in full. This is done to prevent the vehicle from being sold while payments still remain.

What can a person do to pay for a vehicle damaged in an accident while their insurance was lapsed?

start making payments

How do you get into a vehicle on Battlefield 1942?

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Can insurance comanys pay for living somewhere else while a damaged home is being repaired?

If your policy contains "Loss of Use", Yes. this is the portion of your policy that provides for temporary living expenses while your home is being repaired from damages that resulted from a covered loss.

Will your car insurance company let you have a rental car while your car is being repaired?

That depends if you have rental vehicle coverage included in your insurance coverage. If so, then, they probably allow a maximum dollar amount per day for a maximum of days. If not, you are welcome to rent your own vehicle at your own expense.

What can you do if your insurance company is supposed to give you a 'fair and comparable' vehicle while yours is being repaired but you do not think what they give you is comparable?

You can ask them for one, but honestly, if it runs and gets you from place to place, it's a satisfactory vehicle. Life is full of little inconveniences; it's best to learn to deal with them.

What happens when an auto is destroyed in a repair shop fire while it is being repaired from an auto accident that is someone else's fault?

Usually garage keepers liability will cover the vehicle, but if not the other insurance company is still on the hook for at least the cost of the repair

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What is the ISBN of Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait?

The ISBN of Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait is 9781894063425.

Advantages of anti breaking system?

Being able to steer and control vehicle while panic braking. Being able to steer and control vehicle when braking on ice/snow.

Can you lend your vehicle to your sister and transfer liability to her insurance company?

Not automatically NO. It depends on why you are lending her your vehicle. If your sister already has Full coverage or liability insurance and you are loaning her your car temporarily while her vehicle is repaired, undriveable etc. Then your sisters insurance policy will automatically cover a temporary replacement vehicle with the same coverage she has on her own vehicle, whatever that may be.

Can you go out of the country with your car while under auto loan?

Yes - as long as you continue to make payments, the finance company doesn't care where you travel with the vehicle.

How many pages does Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait have?

Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait has 320 pages.

Can your car be repoed if you are not behind on payments?

Technically yes - the vehicle can be repossessed if you are 'in default' of your obligations under the contract. So while the usual way to default on the contract is by missing payments, it is possible for you to be in default by another way, outlined in the contract you agreed to.

Do they have entertainment and vendor machines at vehicle service center's waiting area?

Repairing your vehicle can take a while depending on what you're getting repaired so auto repair shops tend to have a television in their waiting areas along with soda and candy machines.

What is loss of use?

An example of "loss of use" : if your house burns, and you have to rent an apartment or another house to live in while your damaged home is being repaired or rebuilt. If you have the right home owner insurance, they will pay for your "loss of use" by reimbursing the rent you had to pay while waiting for your home to be repaired or rebuilt.

Can they repossess your car while in a civil court case?

You could lose your car as part of the judgment resulting in a civil case, but your car will only be repossessed by the lienholder, and that's typically either for missing payments, or for something such as a vehicle being in an impound lot and pending auction.

Can you be resentenced if you violated embezzlement payments while on probation?

Can you be resentenced after violating the payment plan given for emblezzlement charges while being on probation because you were unable to find a job?

Can you have blue accent lights on your motorcycles in pa.?

In general, blue lights on a motor vehicle cannot be capable of being illuminated while the vehicle is operating, unless being operated by a law enforcement officer.

What would cause black sand to be in a toilet bowl?

A possible burst pipe was repaired and the grit and dirt got dropped into the pipe while it was being fixed.

Can l get a ticket for being in a fire zone while in my car in the state of new jersey?

Fire zones are created to prevent vehicles from blocking access to buildings. Your vehicle was in a place it shouldn't have been. You being in the vehicle does not change that.

A temporary postponement of payments or making smaller payments while interest is still accruing is called?


What does rental reimbursement mean in an automobile insurance policy?

Rental reimbursement insurance pays a small amount toward renting a car while your car is being repaired as a result of an accident. In this day and age a limit of $30-50 is best. Rental reimbursement insurance pays a small amount toward renting a car while your car is being repaired as a result of an accident. In this day and age a limit of $30-50 is best.

Can you drive a relative's car if they have no insurance but you have full comprehensive insurance on your car?

Generally, the insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. The only time I am aware that your insurance covers a vehicle, other than the one described on your policy, is if you buy another vehicle to replace the one described on the declarations page. If your covered auto is in the shop for repairs, and your relative loans you his/her uninsured vehicle for you to drive while yours is being repaired, then your policy would likely provide coverage. I would call the claims department of your insurance company to get confirmation before risking it.

Can you be listed as a driver on a vehicle while going bankrupt?

being listed as a driver on a vehicle has to do with your insurance and not the company selling the vehicle. if the insurance runs your credit report before they make a final quotation for coverage, then they could possibly deny you as being an insurable driver on a certain vehicle. it probably won't happen but could depending on what state you live in.