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No, it can also be played on the PC.

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No, but you do need Xbox live gold.

yes you need xbox live to go into parties

Broadband connection and an Xbox live gold subscription card.

An Xbox live gold card and a broadband Internet connection.

You will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

On silver you can message and look at your friends profiles but you need gold to play online

Yes, All you need is an Gold Xbox Live Membership.

You need an xbox live gold card and either and ethernet cable or a wireless adapter

Team fortress 2 on a PC disk/ps3/Steam requires no monthly fee, however you will need to pay an Xbox live fee if you play it on an Xbox.

If you want to use netflix on an xbox you need an xbox live gold account.

you need to get the update on Xbox live. Silver or Gold

no you can buy an xbox live card at a store!

you need a gold membership

You need a gold card membership, a Xbox, broadband connection, and a Ethernet cord.

You need to buy a subscription for both of them if you want them both to have a gold subscription. As long as you have internet, they both have Xbox Live. Just not gold.

Yes...if you are looking to purchase it you will need 240 Microsoft points to install it.

No but you will need to download the game you are buying from the xbox live marketplace (when you have bought it) you may also need xbox live gold though but im not that certain.Hope this helps you out :)

First of all you need a xbox 360 wifi adapter (plugs into xbox) Second of all you need a wifi network adapter (goes from outlet to adapter) third of all you need so set up the internet settings in you network settings on the xbox menu Fourth you need to buy xbox live gold or get a internet cord and plug it into your xbox and into your internet outlet and buy xbox live gold

No it doesnt you have to buy a gold membership to get on xbox live or you can be a free member but i would recommend a gold membership the 12 month ones are usually 50 dollars.

Internet... /\ guy above is a douche you need an ethernet cable or wireless internet, an xbox live capable router such as linksys, and an xbox live silver or gold membership

Firstly connect your Xbox 360 to the internet via wireless or wired. When you have done this, you will need to sign up for Xbox live, this is on the dashboard, something called join xbox live. Go through the setup and you will you will be live. You will need a Xbox live gold membership to be fully online.

You need to have an Xbox Live Gold Membership to play with anyone, so yes...

First you need to connect your xbox to your PC or laptop. Then test your connection.After if it is successful you will need a credit card or xbox live subscription card for a gold membership.

You need to hook your xbox into the internet, and register for xbox Live on your console. If you want to upgrade to a full (gold) account, you will need a credit card, or buy an xbox Live pack from most game stores.

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