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You do NOT need Xbox live to play Halo Wars. Xbox live is only used if you want to play with other people and to update the game.

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โˆ™ 2009-03-07 15:02:37
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Q: Do you need Xbox live too play halo wars?
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Do you need xbox live to play Halo 3?

You do not need Xbox Live in order to play Halo 3.

Do you need Xbox live to play Halo 2 or Halo Combat Evolved on the Xbox 360?

No, you do not need Xbox LIVE to play any original Xbox games. Not all original Xbox games can be played, but Halo and Halo 2 do not need LIVE to be played on the Xbox 360. I just now tried it with my LIVE unplugged and signed in to an offline account and it let me play both of them. The previous answer was a lie, obviously.

Can you play Halo 3 online with xbox live silver?

No you need xbox live Gold to play any game online including Halo 3.

How do you play multiplayer in Halo 3?

You need Xbox live to play online.

Do you need to pay for halo xbox live?

Yes. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to play Halo 3's multiplayer.

Can you play Halo 2 free?

no you need xbox live lol

Do you need xbox live to play halo 3 online?

yes why do you think it is called xbox "live" (live=online)

Do you need internet to play halo cobat evolved for Xbox?

If you got the halo combat envolved for the PC yes but for the regular xbox no.But if you mean for the xbox 360 you need an hardrive.And if you mean xbox live i think you cant play halo1 on xbox live.

Do you need a Xboxlive to play Halo 3 on the Xbox 360?

Yes, specifically, you need a Xbox Live Gold Account to play most xbox 360 games online, including Halo 3.

Do you need a membership to play halo 3 online?

Xbox live yes

Do you need to be sign into xbox live to play halo reach?

no... only if you want to play online matchmaking

Can you still play Xbox original games on Xbox 360 arcade like halo?

No you need the hard drive and xbox live to play xbox 1 games

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