Do you need a California Contractors License if you already have an Oregon Contractors License?

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Yes. You must be licensed in each state you do work in.

California has "reciprocal" arrangements with some states that border it which allow an out-of-state license to be valid in California, but Oregon isn't one of them.
Yes you have to take the licence of each state where you are doing construction.
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Do you need a general contractor license in Texas?

General and home improvement contractors do not need to beregistered in Texas, for jobs under $10,000. For residentialremodels over $10,000 you must register with the trcc. Ofcoursecommercial remodel/repair jobs do not fall under trcc guidelinesand can be done with no license or state registration. ( Full Answer )

Do you need a general contractors license in Maryland?

You are not required to have a general contractors lic in MD when working on commercial property. You do how ever need a lic to do any Plumbing, electrical, HVAC no matter the property type. For a home you are required to have a MHIC Lic to perform work unless it is your home. Then you can act as th ( Full Answer )

Why should I hire a licensed contractor?

Read the following blog entry for some very good reasons on why hiring a licensed contractor is in your best interest: .

What does a contractor have to do to get a license?

Before a contractor can get a license they will need to submit to abackground check, take an exam and pass, and purchase any requiredpermits. Each state will have different requirements.

General contractors license?

In order to get a general contractor's license, there is no set ofeducational qualifications required. General contractors oftenstart out a construction workers to gain experience inconstruction, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and framing beforeapplying for a general contractor's license.

How do you get a general contractors license in Texas?

General contractors licenses are not issued at the state level inTexas. Individuals interested in obtaining a license for a generalcontractor will have to do so at the city and county level bypurchasing a building permit and/or signing a document saying youunderstand the restrictions and codes.

When is a contractors license required in Nevada?

In Nevada, all individuals or businesses that construct or alter any building or structure must have a State contractor's license. There are some exceptions to the rule. To obtain the license, you must have experience and skills and complete an application together with a fee of $600. You can access ( Full Answer )

Does a cabinet maker need a contractors license in California?

Yes, here is the code. C-6 - Cabinet, Millwork and Finish Carpentry Contractor California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 8, Article 3. Classifications . A cabinet, millwork ( Full Answer )

How do you get a licensed general contractor license in Texas?

A License for general contracting is not required in Texas. There are several associations that you can join for legislation updates and some credibility. The main licenses in Texas are A/C, plumbing and builders register with the state.

How do you become a licensed contractor?

You have to work for a certain number of years in the trade, pass a business exam and a trade exam, pay the license fee, obtain a bond, and pay a yearly license renewal fee. This varies a little bit from state to state (in the US) but you get the general idea. When you apply, you will have to provid ( Full Answer )

Do you need a general contractor license in Oklahoma?

This activity is considered as a General Contractor, for which there is not a specific State license. Out-of-State contractors must contact the Tax Commission at 405-521-3279 to register and pay a bond (if working on commercial properties). They must also contact the County Clerk where the work is l ( Full Answer )

Do you need a license to pour concrete as a contractor?

I need some concrete work done. Will my contractor be required to have a licence to do the job?. I need some concrete work done. Will my contractor be required to have a licence to do the job?

Is there a test for general contractors license?

Usually there is an exam for General Contractors License. It varies from State to State.\n. \nPlease visit the official site to find out for your state at

How can you find out if a contractor is licensed?

Generally, your state maintains a repository or data base of current contractors' licenses. You can also ask for proof of license. In this case, educate yourself about what to look for in the physical document.

How do you get your contractors license?

In order to become a licensed Contractor in the state of California you need to be OR have an RMO. RMO stands for "responsible managing officer." In order to act as one you will need to go to school, become trained, and then licensed. To bypass the testing and headache you can simply find an RMO... ( Full Answer )

How do you get an electrical contractors license?

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Can a convicted felon get a contractors license?

It may well depend on the state you live in. Call or check with the state agency that licenses contractors in your state, they will be able to give you a quick answer.

How do you get a California contractors license?

To obtain a California contractors license, fill out theapplication and return to the CSLB Headquarters in Sacramento. Oncethe application has been processed, you will receive notice tosubmit the required documents and initial license fee for yourlicense to be issued.

How do you get a general contractors license in CA?

In California, you apply for a contractor's license from the Contractor's State License Board. There is a written examination and fees required. You can use the free website "California Contractor Licenses Directory" to access a direct link to California's Licensing website including a search of exi ( Full Answer )

How do you get a contractors license in Washington state?

The State of Washington has a link to the Dept. of Labor & Industries which provides information about registering as a contractor. Generally, you will need to register with the Secretary of State at a cost of approx. $180 and complete an application online. You can access Washington's "Contractor L ( Full Answer )

What is a contractors license?

A contractors license is given to Contractors by the CSLB. the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) protects consumers by licensing and regulating California's construction industry. There are more than 310,000 licensed contractors in the state, in 43 different licensing classifications. In add ( Full Answer )

How do you get a contractors state license?

Each state and some cities and counties have their own procedures. Usually you have to pass a test, prove you are financially trustworthy, show that you have insurance, prove you have a business license, and more.

How do you get a contractor license?

Each state has different rules and regulations about obtaining a contractor license. Generally, you will need to complete an application, provide references, bank information, and pay a fee. You can research contractor license requirements by state using the free website link below "Contractor Licen ( Full Answer )

How do you you get a general contractors license in Florida?

General contractor licenses are obtained from the Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation. You can apply online, complete a printable application or get specific information about licensing requirements on Florida's "DBPR Online Services" website. There is also a link to search existing ( Full Answer )

How do you get your general contractors license in Wisconsin?

The Dept. of Commerce issues contractor licenses in the State of Wisconsin. The State has a website which gives instructions for obtaining contractor licenses including an online application. They also provide a list of businesses that don't need contractor licenses. There is also a website in order ( Full Answer )

Do you need a general contractor license to hang crown molding?

Check with your local building code enforcement bureaucracy. The simple answer is that if you are receiving pay for the work, then yes, you will need a contractor's license. If you are the homeowner and you are doing the work for yourself, no. YOu can do what work you need to do, provided it does n ( Full Answer )

How can you know if a contractor is licensed and insured?

So you have a contractor in mind for you Home Improvement Projects, and now you want to verify if they are; in fact, "Licensed and Insured" Like their Business Card, Company Vehicle, or Advertisement states. Well, verifying a Contractor's License and Insurance Policy status isn't that hard, if you k ( Full Answer )

Do you need a contractors license to build decks and patios?

Yes you do need a license if you're going to be building for someone and charging or working for company. if you are working on your own house then no But the city has to come out and inspect it. Additional: If you employ any helpers, you will have to have Workman's Compensation Insurance also.

Do you need a license to work as a contractor in California?

No. As long as you bid jobs for under $500.00 for the total job, there is no need for a license. This also includes splitting up a bid to have each bill under $500.00. You are only allowed to work on 1 job, per customer, per year, with a maximum of $500.00 total from each client per year.

What type of contractors license do you need to build your own house?

You do not need a Contractor's License to build your own home because you are not a Contractor that builds homes for anyone else. You may need to get many different 'Permits' to start and complete the build of the house, but you do not need a Contractor's License, unless you plan on building other ( Full Answer )

What license does an indepedent contractor needs in ny?

if my memory is correct / for a handyman contractor-- you will need to register as a sole business proprietor with the county clerks office and you will need a 1/2 million $ business insurance policy ( payable in increments ) the policy is worth 1/2 million-- this is not what you pay for the insuran ( Full Answer )

Do you need a business license if you are an independent contractor?

This depends on your state's, city's, county's regulations on this. You will need to check your local office for this information and also if you are working under another name (vanity name/ dba) instead of your own. For example, Jumping Jacks Pancake House versus Jack Jackson's Pancake House. Typic ( Full Answer )

How much does contractors license cost?

it varies in different cities and towns you must have insurance.the price of a contractors license can be between 25.00 up to 1000.00.most of the towns i deal with the average price is 85.00

How do you become bonded as a licensed electrical contractor?

Call your insurance broker and tell them you need a license bond,if you need performance or bid bonds the same broker should be ableto help. If that broker can help, switch to a construction brokerbecause we regularly handle this type of stuff whereas a generalistbroker might not.

Can electronics engineer get electrical contractor license?

If by 'electrical contractor' you mean an electrician, then probably not, although it depends on the professional/trade/union laws of your country. An electrician has to go through a full apprenticeship under a journeyman electrician, in order to acquire skills that an engineer simply doesn't posses ( Full Answer )

Do you need a general contractor license in Carroll county Maryland?

A person will need a general contracting license in Carroll County, Maryland if they are performing duties in which they would need to be covered by insurance or a specific company. A general contractor will contract out work for other people to do.

Is a paving contractor required to be licensed?

Depending on the location, most states require the contractor to have certain types of license to do work. Each state has various different requirements for such licenses.