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No. But you do need a broadband internet connection.


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You need an Xbox, or Xbox 360, and an Internet connection for Xbox Live. No computer required.

You don't need a computer as long as you have internet to hook up your Xbox to you will be able to play Xbox Live.

You need XBOX Live to put your screenshots on the computer. When you do get XBOX Live go to and sign in with your email and XBOX Live password

to connect to xbox live you need a router or a modem

Yes, you just need a network for Xbox Live to work.

You need a kanooter confibulatory hooked up to your computer

Well what you really need to connect to Xbox Live is a modem that can transfer internet reliability.

u dont buy xbox live. u need a cord or wireless connection to plug into ur computer.

you don't need a computer, you need a working high-speed internet connection.

You need a wireless connection to connect, then you buy xbox live in a gaming store. Good luck with your connection.

Computer, modem, router, ethernet cord or wireless adapter, xbox, and a membership.

No. Xbox Live is only accessible using an Xbox 360, and no information goes to your computer.

Of course, yes you only need to order the Network Adapter for the XBOX 360.

You need your xbox chiopped.. but if you do that you cant get xbox live and it is against the law to download games

You need an internet service provider and a Xbox 360 with that internet connection you have purchased from an ISP.

You cant connect to Xbox Live through your PC. You will need to connect straight into your modem, or either use a Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless adapter to connect through your wireless network.

you need to have a special cable that conects to your computer or you can get one that is wireless

im pretty sure gateway is a computer...XBOX live is for XBOX 360 only

how much memory does xbox live need/

Any modem type box that connects a computer to the net will work. I plug my 360 straight into my wifi router to get connected to xbox live. I didn't even need to make any settings.

No, you do not need xbox live you only need the points to play minecraft (1600-$20)

You don't need to turn your computer on. Just make sure your Xbox is connected to your router and the router and/or modem is on. If using wireless just plug it in and select your network I'm the Xbox settings.

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